For the week of 24 May 2015

Focus on what we’re saying becomes important this week. As well, half-month stave Ingwaz shifts to Othala, with more emphasis on lineage.

Read right to left is Ingwaz with Othala below, then Ansuz Reversed. Ingwaz remains the half-month rune through Friday 29 May.

Following is a summary of The Weekly Rune. Read the full cast to learn more about the half-month rune’s influence, and how to receive it before everyone else. Find my runic artwork on Etsy.

Mini Pocket Travel Rune Set by S. Kelley Harrell on EtsyThe last few weeks have put a great deal of emphasis on the past. As last week’s intuitive stave, Othala honed in on all things ancestral, and finding new support within the family line. This week Othala stays in the focus, though as the half-month rune, later in the week. The position shift gives a subtle hint at what’s to come. We’re still being guided to look back in order to move forward.

Ansuz’s general message is about how we tell our story–literally, the words we give power about our life experience, through the vehicle of speech.

Reversed, the emphasis also includes what’s being said about us, what has been said about us. This week we are called to explore what of our lineage still holds true. That may take a bit of research, particularly if we don’t know what our lineage is, what collective role our clan played in the greater society. We don’t have to know our family history in order to stop re-playing old tapes. We don’t have to understand collective purpose in order to act in a way that best supports the clan that is now.

This week we are asked to pause. Take a breath and consider these influences on our thinking and behaviour. Where are we the culmination of all that has come before–relevant or rubbish–and where do we need to part from old ways?