Question: Kelley, I am Wiccan, and my faith espouses a belief in reincarnation. I have problems believing in past lives – because I don’t seem to have any. When I try to bring them up myself nothing comes, and other people haven’t been able to bring them up either. I’ve been told by some people before I’ve an ‘old soul’, but I find this hard to reconcile with the apparent lack of past lives. Can you give me some direction?  Heather

Thanks for your note, Heather!  Your guides tell me right off the bat that the block around past lives lies in the terminology.  For your neural pathways the terms “past life” and “old soul” have no meaning, as you don’t relate to time as a line.  Rather, for you it is more a ball of yarn, or perhaps a spiral.  This relationship to time isn’t unusual; in fact, many quantum physicists would agree that this is how time really works.  The concept of linear time just doesn’t exist in the way you are wired.

Intention is a huge factor in the attempt to catch a glimpse of the timeless self.  Any pursuit into self-knowledge works best with an intention clearly defined at the onset.  If you have been creating your intentions to see yourself within Time with the concept driving your intentions that time is a line, that assumption would have been a hindrance to carrying through the intention.  You experience yourself a great deal more dynamically than most, in that trying to travel back to “Point -4” along a linear progression driven meditation won’t yield useful information for you.  Step back and reframe your intentions.  Bring the focus back from time and place it on events.  If you have used the general intention, “I intend to visit one of my past lives,” to no avail that is because your neural pathways don’t know what “past life” means.  In a quiet space asking, “Am I an old soul?” is irrelevant in the context of Soul.  In Spirit there is no older or younger in the sense of aging as we tend to think of it.  There exist only the many ways we can choose to create ourselves, which may or may not include the amassed information we bring along from all of our experiences of ourselves.  Giving some attention to how you look at time, age, and even cause and effect is very important for you in presenting intention.  What may be more helpful is to set up an intention along the lines of, “Take me to the point that I first saw the ocean,” or “Show me the place on this planet where I first entered into form.”  Taking that linear barrier off the experience gives you access to deep cellular memories, and certainly collective ones.  From there you can become more specific and see the source of current life blocks, relationships and patterns.  This opening of perspective in setting intention also helps you to meet simultaneous aspects of yourself, maybe on other planets, other dimensions, or just in the diverse ways you may manifest yourself in this plane.

That said, your guides give me no insight into the many ways you live—not even a peek.  Yes, you are a soul that expresses itself in many different ways across a variety of experiences.  You have traveled far and wide, so to speak.  Gaining access to that self-info depends on just how far and wide you can conceive of yourself.

Expanding your perspective of Life changes how you live.  The more you cultivate this personal relationship to time, the more meaningless daily phrases like “in the past,” or “one day” become.  The loss of the trappings of time in this dimension enable you to see not just more of yourself, but more of the connection between you and All Things.

See you around, Heather!