I am really confused. Nothing has seemed to work out in my life, especially since coming to college. Things I banked on, really worked for and was positive about seemed to fall apart unexpectedly. These next few months are crucial for me academically and professionally. I am tired of constant failures despite my best efforts and hopes. I deserve a breakthrough, but nothing seems to work. I end up living my life in my head–daydreaming. Escapism helps me evade my daily drudgery. I need my life to have meaning to be worth living. Please help. Thank you. Meg.

Thanks for your note, Meg. Your guides show me a series of signals they send you as you walk down a sidewalk–leaves falling, brushes with other people, sounds in the distance, and even letters of many colors falling from the sky. You are aware that these things are messages from your guides, as you notice every detail and pick up every letter. I watch you walk down this path constantly collecting, but never stopping to see what the letters spell, or to connect with the other interludes to learn what they have to say to you. At no point do you pause to consider what the signals your guides give you mean. This tells me that on some level you are waiting for some divine intervention to do for you what you have the power to do for yourself. In reality, your personal power is Divine. My concern is what holds you back from standing in your power.

Your High Self tells me that you expend a lot of energy setting up your dominoes, so to speak. You plan, you plot, you do the leg work that seems to be the best culmination for the plans you’ve made. What you don’t do is consult your High Self. In other words, you are acting on an ego level and not taking into consideration your higher counsel. It doesn’t feel like you are acting contrary to your higher counsel, but that you also aren’t flowing with it. There are skills you need in both relaxation and manifestation that lie only with your High Self, that will help your dominoes fall in the lovely pattern you’ve carefully set up.

Communicating with your High Self is your first step to living your soul’s intent. Give your earthly consciousness permission to hear the wisdom of your High Self, and allow yourself to act on it. Then, when you perceive signs in daily life, know that they are for you. When you pick them up, take the time to examine and connect with them. You will find that outcomes manifest more easily, and that those little treasures have their own stories to tell–wisdom to make your travels lighter. The Universe supports you, Meg. Accept the insight it sends you through the messengers of Nature.