Kelley, How would I know if someone cast a spell on me and my family? Some years ago a woman whom I considered a friend came into our home. She had an interest in Native American medicine so we made dreamcatchers with my kids and she supposedly quieted a ghost in our house. When I next saw her she bragged to me about being able to curse people. I don’t know what she did in our house, but after her visit things spun out of control. With no warning my husband left, saying he didn’t want me or the kids, then I became ill with Sarcoidosis and Lupus. After that I had two nervous breakdowns, one daughter started cutting, the other was raped twice in our home, and my son threatened suicide. I had the house cleared and blessed, but it doesn’t feel right. We are a Christian family. How could a spell have control over Christians? ~L

Hi L. Thanks for your note. Initially I ask your guides about the overall dynamic involving the woman—as there is a lot to this chain of events. They show me that this sequence was already underway before the woman entered the picture. She did do something in your home, but from what I see her actions appear to have been so innocuous that they either had no effect or acted as a minor catalyst to tip things over an already tenuous threshold. What your guides show me is that the dominoes were already stacked to fall the way they have even if she had never come to your home.

That begs the question, “What is the overall family dynamic and how can it be healed?” When I approach this way your guides tell me that you and your husband joined for the spiritual purpose of bringing your children’s souls into physical form. Your children are highly elevated Beings, very gifted individuals who function at an elevated vibrational level. I feel that they are so charged that it is no wonder that birthing them took a huge toll on you physically. Not to say that your body’s condition is their fault; rather, your body had to shift energetically to accommodate bringing them through and your body has not found stasis yet. It seems that carrying such highly elevated creatures challenged your own frequency to be raised and your body has not adjusted to that frequency. To that end looking into holistic health options would be very beneficial to you—acupuncture, Reiki, holotropic breathwork. These and other such approaches can help you find balance physically, as well as allow your life force to flow peacefully.

Specifically regarding your husband, I don’t see him as being or ever having been your romantic complement. That person is still out there for you to find—and he is out there. In fact, what your guides show me as I look down over your household is that you and your husband had a rather detached involvement, which only really sparked to life after you had your kids. Your children chose the two of you to be their parents, and I also feel strongly that your kids are coming from the same soul pool and needed to come in together as siblings. The circumstances of marriage, the DNA and life force the two of you brought into the mix are what allowed these souls to come to manifest as they needed. Overall I have a strong sense of foreboding about your husband. Your guides will not elaborate on that hunch in any specific way, but I feel that you are best without him or his energy influencing you or your children. I know that the way he left you was horribly mean and hurtful, and I am not suggesting that you overlook how he went about that. I am saying good riddance. I don’t think that you would have separated from him unless or until he hurt you badly, and the underlying message from your guides is that the marriage had served its purpose and you needed to move on. Not that he needed to move on—you did. To me that says there are some vitally empowering experiences waiting to find you that could not have come while you were with your husband.

Now, about your children. They need you to separate energetically from your husband. To me it feels like the two of you are still very much entwined spiritually. There is a lot of anger and resentment between you, and it must be released. You can’t change him or force him into compassion, but you can assess what is most important to you and allow the insights from that introspection to guide you. I feel that a good bit of release from him will occur as your body heals, as you regain strength. I also see, though, that the spiritual crisis this left you in needs to be addressed or it will continue to spiral. However you feel you can best do that, within your own religious parameters or moving into wider Universal views, seek out some soulful counsel. You have a lot of wounds around this separation that need to be healed, as well as old wounds that were reopened in the bitter exchanges that ensued. How this relates to your children is that they are highly intuitive creatures. They are feeling the family wounds every minute of every day. The cycle of hurt that was begun under your roof has become its own life force that must be expressed, either consciously or unconsciously. Your children are very sensitive to this energy, but they don’t have the skills or emotional foundation to articulate it and release it for themselves. For this reason it comes out in acts of self-harm and repeated victimization. To me these expressions are all indicating a need for release between the parents. Whatever it takes for you to find peace in yourself is what is most needed right now. Your children will follow you on your healing path. Not only do they want to have a happy healthy home, but they want you to be happy and healthy. Between you is the ability to heal and each find your own power again.

Although this situation doesn’t appear to have been the result of a spell or curse, the power of believing that it could have been speaks loudly enough that it may as well have been. Even religion doesn’t override psychology, meaning the fear of something—whether that thing is real or imagined—affects one’s ability to function within the chosen belief system. Intellectually it’s easy to know when something seems implausible, but to convince yourself of that unlikelihood emotionally is another thing, entirely. When you stumble upon a fear from which you can’t release, that fear becomes the belief system, thus the fear is manifest.

I hope that you can find some relief in your guides’ words, and in knowing that you have many loving and supportive angels at your side.
Be well, L!