Question: Kelley, How I can enter the astral realms? What do I need to know to be able to talk with my spiritual guides? How I can go into trance? I feel like there is a demon keeping me from these things. How do I fight it? Thanks, JT

Thanks for your note, JT. I think it’s fantastic that you want to expand your experience of yourself by traveling into the Beyond. When I call in your guides and look with them at the dynamic of not being able to go into trance, I do indeed sense a masculine presence that is intentionally interfering with your plans. This feels like a spiritual influence rather than a physical presence in your life, and it is very much intercepting your astral travels. By the same token your guides are telling me that now is not the time for you to attempt to be journeying out, but to focus within. Their instruction is for you to concentrate on healing yourself at core levels before you delve too deeply into astral or spiritual travel. What is most telling is that these messages seem to be coming from the same force–beings who are looking after you. This masculine entity and your guides are working toward the same outcome–nudging you to take on the things you know need healing. I realize that the masculine presence seems very foreboding and frightening to you–if not very frustrating for pre-empting what you want to accomplish–but your guides indicate that they have tried various gentle ways to get you to focus on healing some painful wounds, to no avail. Spirit helpers are never above scare tactics when all else fails, and that is what appears to be happening here. Your guides have asked this little “devil” to try moving you toward the light, from another angle. When I interact with the wee red guy–and he is very small–he expresses frustration that despite his scariest warnings, you still try to push past him. A heavy magenta ribbon entwines through the cocoon of your life force that seems to be a protective boundary that this red entity has created to try to rein you in. In the dynamic you and they have constructed, it is futile to keep pushing yourself into trance. The act of pushing actually makes you more vulnerable. Your highest, most elevated caregivers are simply not supporting it at this time. To that end, this red entity expresses that his deepest desire is for you to realize the angelic support that is around you at your disposal to help you move through the painful things in your life.

That said, I see rips in your life force that seem to be the result of a hurt sustained over many years, of which you are aware. It is my feeling that this hurt is what you need to address before you have the grounding to venture into the ethers. It is also my feeling that you don’t want to face this hurt. I see that you have a very powerful affinity and ability to starwalk, that when well cultivated can help you help others. I ask your guides what healing work we can do in this meeting, and though they do allow some Universal healing to come through in this space, it is clear to me that some conscientious choices about balancing patterns in your life, releasing relationships that are harmful, and disconnecting from belief systems that don’t support your truth must be made before you can engage the help of others. Once you feel that you are in the space to move forward having a trusted circle of energy workers will be very beneficial to you. I also see a need to direct anger toward the sources that have caused harm, rather than taking your anger out on your physical form and in the way you speak to yourself. I highly encourage you to find a counselor or other trained professional who can help you release these tendencies and can teach you how to focus anger healthily. It is impossible to healthily sustain spirit travel when you are not at home in your own body. The message here is that’s a hazard to even try.

As airline workers instruct, put the mask on yourself first, then assist others. You cannot help other
s until you help yourself. Moreover, one of the core rites of passage in committing to a life of conscientious interdimensional Living is the willingness to be radically open and honest with one’s self. This tenet involves facing one’s horrors as thoroughly and compassionately as one’s joys. That said, I wholly support your wellbeing, JT.