The Animistic Book Review

Book reviews affect a book’s visibility online

Book reviews open books to new audiences

Book reviews create community and belonging

Book reviews foster awareness

Why book reviews are animistic

This will be one of many appeals to review From Elder to Ancestor online, and really any of my books, and books you’ve enjoyed by other authors.

Online reviews matter.

And they’re animistic.


There is an animistic aspect to leaving book reviews. When you review books you create community. You let other people know that the book is what it says it is and can be trusted. I know most of you in some personal way and I appreciate all the good things you’ve shared about your experience of the book with me, and I know these things are cherished and precious. But it’s what you say to others about it that deepens its life.

Thank you.


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S. Kelley Harrell

S. Kelley Harrell, M. Div.

Kelley Harrell is an animist, author, deathwalker, and death doula held by Tuscarora, Woccon, and Sissipihaw land. For the last 25+ years, through Soul Intent Arts she’s helped others ethically build thriving spiritual paths. Her work is Nature-based, and centers soul tending through the Elder Futhark runes, animism, ancestral tending, and deathwork. She hosts the podcast, What in the Wyrd, and also writes The Weekly Rune as a celebration of the Elder Futhark in season. Work with her in the Runes for Change community or in her intensive soul tending training, The Spirited Path.  Full bio.

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