I’m happy to host Priti Sehrawat, an international numerologist, and wonderful human being. 

How would you describe your work/path/art to a beginner?
Numerology to me is about understanding, exploring, empathizing, being able to choose (where possible) in an informed manner and making sense out of life’s twists and turns more than anything else. I could compare it partly to the lamps that help shed some light on a path, which may otherwise be completely unknown. Sometimes one is ready for that light and sometimes one is not.

How did this work call you? At what life stage?
At one time I was regularly visiting Barnes & Noble, trying to study some other material and as there was disturbance at home, I needed to be outside in an environment where I felt at ease. While taking breaks from what I was doing, I would wander in the different aisles, picking up a book randomly and skimming the pages. The disturbance at home had raised a lot of questions and confusion in my mind. When I tried to be practical and rational in my thinking, I was unable to find any answers, any clues as to why things were unfolding the way they were. During one such “journey” into an aisle of books, I picked up my first book on numerology, and then another. While reading a few parts, things seem to fit together like a crossword puzzle. Fascinated I finally ended up reading more about numerology than anything else during my trips to Barnes & Noble. This journey picked up speed and I found people and places that helped me understand this metaphysical science so deeply that I could use the knowledge to help others.

Describe your experience of spirituality as a teen/young adult. Discuss your blessings and challenges of that era.
I am from India and in the metropolitan city that I grew up in, there was absolutely no pressure to be religious despite religion occupying such an important place in Indian society. Being Hindu, I sometimes visited the temple with elders and only in school examination days, my mother would insist that I go and pray at the altar set up at home, to seek blessings. What I did enjoy was occasional inner journeys. Some friends would remark that I meditated while I walked. I could go into a deep, inner calm, even while walking from school to home with friends, which I sometimes did. Such ability to find my inner center helped keep me calm, truthful to myself and grounded through the years of being a teenager and young adult. I felt I had more of an obligation to be true to my conscience than to any god.

What’s your blessing to beginning seekers and youth exploring various spiritual traditions, today?
Everyday hug yourself and tell yourself that you love “say your name out aloud”. Truly mean it and believe it. Doing so will help you understand what you are truly happy in—whether it is doing an activity, any relationship you are not sure about or what your intuition says about any circumstance or person. It will also help you guard more easily against any kind of abuse or manipulation as you would be less inclined to allow yourself to be treated that way. Be true to your conscience and listen to your inner voice while remaining practical. Have faith that what unfolds in your life does offer you what you are truly seeking at that time, whether you have understood it or not. Believe in God’s messenger service.

About Priti

51+Z2qwK3OL._AA160_If I had to use a word to describe myself, it would be explorer. I can definitely add many adjectives but in many ways I am more of an explorer than anything else. It is interesting. Till I started writing this short bio, I never tried to describe myself in one word and for that matter, if I used a few words to describe myself, explorer was not used too often before. As I stand at a very interesting juncture in life, I realize I have done so much exploring and there is so much more to be done! I have explored my passions, books, writing, speaking publicly, being of service to others, friendships, relationships, places, cultures, communities, cooking, assuming different roles, fashion, the internet and so much more. Most importantly, at every turn I have reached within me to tap in to the next hidden chamber which revealed a different facet of me!

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