I’m happy to have Lei Lei on my blog, today. She’s young, energetic, and ready to take on the world–all of them!

How would you describe your work/path/art to a beginner?

I am a multi-gifted medium whose purpose or path here on earth is to help others with their gifts, especially gifted youth. I have had psychic moments, but they are rare and not a gift I can control, so I am by no means psychic. I am able to see, hear, and speak to spirits and have since I was a kid, this makes me a medium. In addition to my medium related gifts I am also an empath, so I sense and feel things much easier and much more intense than the average person. I know when someone is mad or sad, even if they’re putting on a good front. I can sense liars and people with bad intentions well before I am proven right. I also can usually sense when I meet another person that is also gifted. I not only know the emotions of others, but I feel them as well, even characters on tv or movies that I know are fake still greatly effect me emotionally. All of this also applies to the mood, intentions, and emotions of spirits. I do have various other gifts as well, but these are my most prominent ones.

I’ve never felt a pull to do readings for people, but instead I feel my job is to be more of a teacher or mentor for others. I help others learn to understand, cope with, appreciate, and develop their gifts; that is what my book ParanormalPI’s Guide for Today’s Spiritually Gifted Youth is all about. =)

How did this work call you? At what life stage?
I was pretty much born with my gifts. I had a few experiences around age 9, but age 12 was when my gifts entered full swing. For years I looked at my gifts as curses and pretty much hid them from 98% of the world. When I was in my early 20’s I had a co-worker from Psychic Giant that convinced me to try and be open with my gifts and directed me to some paranormal communities. Initially I was anonymous, but then I gradually began to open up about who I was. I started commenting on forums and posting blogs and suddenly my inbox was constantly full with questions. Over the years my blogs and website grew a fan base and I realized my writing was helping people, so I decided to write the book. I continue to blog and answer inbox questions, but my main focus the past couple years has been getting this book out so that gifted kids that may need it can find it.

Describe your experience of spirituality as a teen/young adult. Discuss your blessings and challenges of that era.
My gifts came in pretty strong around age 12. My dad had passed when I was 10 and my mom was not having it. She initially believed I was having a mental break down over losing my dad and tried to have me committed. All the test results and evaluations came back that I was completely sane and they sent me home with my mom. After that she believed my experiences had to be works of the devil and evil and she had priests come in my room with holy water to rid me of my evil. All that did was make things worse for me, activity only picked up even more.

Eventually after a long while she told me that she hoped it wouldn’t have come to this, but that I needed to call my grandma (my dad’s mom). My mom and her did not get along and never talked, so I was very confused. When I called her she let me know that I came from a long line of gifted mediums on my dad’s side and that my mom ordered her to never tell me. Over the years my mom did let me contact her through the phone and written letters, she never learned the computer, but it was hard to stay in touch regularly.

Book CoverMy mom refused to let me discuss my experiences; she’d always say she didn’t want to hear it. After a while I realized by the looks I got from my friends when I tried to talk about my experiences that they also thought I was a tad off, so I pretty much had no one to talk to about everything. I did have a couple friends that were supportive and my grandma, but really I had to keep it in from 98% of the world. It was a sad, lonely, and very confusing time. I actually was pretty popular growing up, but no matter how many friends I had, a part of me was always hidden, so I always felt sort of alone.

It really wasn’t until my 20’s that I saw my gifts as gifts and became more comfortable with people knowing what I was. I’m grateful that times are different now and that kids today have more resources than I did growing up, I really hope my book can become one of those resources as well. =)

How does that experience speak through your work, today?
It affects everything I do today within my work, it’s the whole reason I do it. I didn’t have resources, people to confide in, or anything to help me feel normal outside of my Grandma and she lived far away. I wanted to offer kids today something I always wished I had growing up and I hope to do so through my book.

Lei Lei , AKA ParanormalPI, is a mommy, wife, medium, author, blogger, mentor to spirituality gifted youth, and owner of a hauling company with her husband.

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