Today, I have author and Priestess of the Rainbow Goddess Tradition, Flash Silvermoon. Author of  The Wise Woman’s Tarot (which is in my top 3 oracles), Flash is an Animal Communicator, and she hosts the weekly Internet Radio show, “What the Animals Tell Me.” Comment to win a copy of Flash’s ebook, “Janis Joplin and Me 40 Years of Music and Magic.”

How would you describe your work/path/art to a beginner?

I am a spiritual Renaissance Woman with many tools in my basket. I started my journey quite young and have pursued an understanding  of the magical realms since I was a teenager. I always knew that I was different and that these interests were unusual for most at my age but that never bothered me. I actually kind of liked my uniqueness and was fine not being like everyone else. I don’t think that I realized that most didnt have the psychic experiences that I did even early on and that was OK with me.I thought my work was to be a rock musician and I performed in bands since I was 16 years old. My path took me to music school until they tried to control me way too much and that was not a good fit at all.I stayed on my music track full tilt til I was about 35 and my psychic work  grew up right next to that and then it took over as my main profession and I still do both  but less music now. I have 2 CDs of good hi energy rock music, and Janis Joplin was a huge influence and Spirit Guide..

How did this work call you? At what life stage?

As a teenager I read voraciously folks like Edgar Cayce, Joan Grant,books about Atlantis and Lemuria and how the world was created. This was my fascination. The first psychic tool that I used was a kind of object reading calledPsychometry. When my friends saw how easily I did these readings it was suggested that I might try Tarot Cards and that worked very well and easily for me.
Wise Woman's TarotDescribe your experience of spirituality as a teen/young adult. Discuss your blessings and challenges of that era.
I was and still am Spiritual and not religious. I resisted traditional religion and did my best to rail against organized religion. My inner spiritual world was very rich and included people and animals. I was visited by spirits but was never afraid. My early years were filled with out of body experiences  where I could feel myself lifting out of my body and dissolving into this glorious place which sometimes wold last an hour or better.I never understood when people claimed to need space because i could take  up the whole universe if I wanted to.

How does that experience speak through your work, today?

 I still am pretty fearless and accepting of my work spiritually but pursue more  clear protection now that I didn;t know then. I feel and always did feel that I was more often 10 years beyond most of my peers and that was ok with me. I think it has “caused me to miss out on a lot of recognition and I would still rather be on the cutting edge, My friend Cherie used to say, ‘”If you aren’t living on the edge, you’re taking up too much room,” Kind of like that. I have always loved animals and never dreamed that I would have the privilege of working with tigers and lions and bears and primates, horses, deer and so many more.  It is thrilling. My abilities as a psychic and medium have grown exponentially over the 46 years I have been  stretching those muscles. Manifesting the Wise Woman’s Tarot book and deck was a 25 year project that felt like a life work and there are many more books simmering on back and front burners demanding my attention.

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