With us today is the ethereal Cherie Lassiter. I met Cherie a long time ago, and it’s been wonderful to share community and grow with her.

Cherie Lassiter | Kiss of EdenHow would you describe your work/path/art to a beginner?
My path, my spiritual work is a work in progress, always evolving and changing. Any attempt to define or confine it has interfered with the organic process that is the path of my spirit. The path began as I began to recognize my gifts and also to remember the wisdom that is in my soul. It is as if I needed to grow into the knowledge and wisdom I innately had. I feel it is important, at least for me to not label myself as one thing or another and let my spirit and soul guide me to where I can best learn what I need to learn. I say this in order to give more of a sense of freedom to young people as they wake up to their spiritual being. While choosing a spiritual path and sticking to it is the way for some, there is also a recognition that this path may change and to allow that organic process to take place without trying to make it fit into a mold. My current work is Psychic work and mediumship. This is what I offer in service to others.

How did this work call you?
The call came very early in life but it did not feel like a call, it felt like a natural thing everyone had; a connection with other realms, the spirit world and the Other Side.

As a young child I felt at one with nature in a strong way and communicated with flowers and trees. I saw the faces of spirits in flowers, trees, clouds etc… I had communication with unseen beings that  talked to me and I lived in a world of imagination. I was much more in these other worlds than I was in the physical one. I recognize now that I have always lived between the worlds. Being in the physical world has always been a challenge. This has never changed. As a teen, the psychic gifts began flooding in fast and strong. This began around puberty. I opened up very fast and began having experiences that at the time were scary and unsettling. I didn’t talk about them to anyone. I recommend communication as the most important thing any awakening being can do. Talk about it, share it. No matter how strange or bizarre, find a trusted adult and share it. As a young teen entering into such unfamiliar territory as psychic experiences, I was vulnerable to forces on the other side that were not always in my best interest. Psychic protection was not familiar to me and therefore I at times got lost in the otherworlds. This means I ventured deeper into other realms without proper guidance. I was on my own in strange territory which at times could be scary. Getting in to deep without understanding can damage a growing nervous system, brain and emotional body. In my late teens I read Mists of Avalon. That began my Earth/Goddess religion path which continued for many, many years. As I read, I remembered. As I read, my spirit awakened, remembered and tapped into past life memories that guided me and directed me.

Describe your experience of spirituality as a teen/young adult. How does that experience speak through your work, today?
This is a good place to touch on something important to share. The blessings and challenges of coming into my psychic gifts was deeply influenced by my home life and my schooling.

I went to an Episcopal Church school from 5th grade through 10th grade. I wore a uniform, went to Chapel every day, and got religion crammed down my throat through fear and intimidation. Hellfire and brimstone, sin and being saved were an everyday program I was forced to take part in. This brought out my rebellious self and also had me questioning religious dogma as young as 12 or 13 years of age. Questioning religion was not acceptable and power struggles ensued. I do remember going to the headmaster/Father and asking him if dogs had souls. I had just lost my precious companion, Sugar and I knew she had a soul. This conflicted with what I was being taught so I went to the Father to try to understand. He told me that dogs did not have souls. I left his office that day no longer believing in ‘religion’ or anything they had to say in the Christian Church. There were to many things that went against what I knew in my heart and soul to be true. I wondered why everyone else just seemed to go along with everything without questioning the dogma.

Beyond the school life that tried to mind control me ( and failed), my home life was very chaotic and at time violent. As the oldest of 5 children in a family that despite private school struggled a lot financially. For many reasons, there was a lot of fighting between parents and this was not done behind closed doors. The frustration, anger and fear of my parents was a daily event. This fear erupted into physical, mental and emotional abuse. As a sensitive child my survival mechanism was to escape into my own world. This escape into other worlds enhanced my connection with other realms. This constant chaotic environment taught me to read energy as this was a tool for survival. Taking the temperature of the room, the house, the parents was a constant neccessity. I learned to  sense ahead of time what others were feeling and thinking so that I could protect myself. Walking on eggshells much of the time caused me to become highly sensitive to energy. Escaping the negativity and chaos around me was a defense mechanism that actually helped my psychic abilities to heighten dramatically. I was a highly creative child and young woman and a gifted musician and songwriter. Escaping reality into my music gave me an outlet that allowed me to express myself.

I also learned very early that I had healing abilities. Feeling the pain of others was a daily experience and desiring to heal them was a daily experience as well.

Once could say it was a perfect storm to becoming a powerful psychic. Being a musician I naturally was and am very clairaudient which means I ‘hear’ the voice of Spirit very strongly. I hear the voices and thoughts of those on this side as well as the Other Side. My sensitivity is oftentimes debilitating as it is hard to be out in the world without ‘over-feeling’. But I would not trade my early experiences for anything as they helped me to be the person I am today and has helped me to have empathy, compassion and understanding of the pain others feel. This is not a curse, though at times it feels that way. I am grateful for the gifts I have and for being able to serve others.

Cherie is a Professional Psychic and Medium. Learn more about her at: www.cherielassiter.net.