The Weekly Rune – Fehu

The Weekly Rune – Fehu is the half-month rune through 14 July. The intuitive rune is Ansuz, with the off-planet helping spirits, the Cadre speaking through Perthro (carved Baltic amber). The earthly spirit of place anchoring the runes this week is Seashell, in the direction of Front ( North, blue dwarf), with element Plastic (wee Little People Dog), in Autumn. From right to left are Fehu, Ansuz, then Perthro. Again, we begin. We move into a new runic cycle with Fehu, and in doing so approach territory with which we’d like to claim familiarity, most certainly comfort, yet also bring the wisdom that such is not entirely assured. We tread familiar trails with the guidance of the runes, though the circumstances of our travel are ever-changing.