The Weekly Rune – Laguz

Laguz (carved reindeer antler slice) is the half-month rune through 29 April. Tiwaz reversed is the intuitive rune, and Jera indicates the broad overview. The spirits of place anchoring the runes this week are Radiance, in element Flesh, the season of Autumn (tree button), and helping Spirit, Death, in the direction of Beyond (Earth marble). Read right to left is Laguz, Tiwaz reversed, then Jera. This watery season of Laguz has been characterized by a good bit of distraction from Flow. Not that we haven’t been attentive to Flow, or that we haven’t been intentional about our awareness of it. We have. The distractions have been bountiful. Laguz, Flow, offers insight into true Maying: creating ourselves as we truly want to be, with all the information on the realities of form.