Compassionate Spring

Human-persons are part of seasonal change. Through our rituals around seasonal change, we take responsiblity for ecosystem and our impact on it.

The Weekly Rune – Hagalaz

If a rune can signify the broken path, it’s Hagalaz. If any rune symbolizes both our break from our awareness of ourselves as Naturekin and the aftermath of culture built on that lack, it’s Hagalaz.

The Weekly Rune – Wunjo

For the week of 16 October 2022 Embodiment and Alchemy Wunjo is the half-month rune through 28 October. Berkana is the intuitive rune, and Laguz indicates Embodiment’s message to us. The spirits of place anchoring the runes this week are Death in Spring, with the...

The Weekly Rune – Kenaz

Kenaz is the synergy indicating how we move among is taking root. It’s not just the thing we’re creating or how we hold ourselves in the world, but proof of actualization that we’re in the world.