The Weekly Rune – Nauthiz-Isa

Nauthiz is the half-month rune through 28 November, at which point Isa comes to the fore until 13 December. The intuitive rune is Algiz reversed. The earthly spirits of place anchoring the runes this week are Fossilized Ammonite (metallic swirly beauty), Death (plastic skull), whispers of the Hunt (stag button), dead things, World Ancestors (wee wooden spoon), in the direction of Left (Green Dwarf)), with element Timing (hourglass), in the season of Winter (button).

The slow progression through the opening winter runes of the second aett is intense, and nothing if not thorough. We begin with Hagalaz moving our awareness to abrupt change that teaches adaptation, then onto Nauthiz, which teaches us to regroup with ecofamily through ritual. The shift into Isa is usually viewed as more gentle if not romanticized stillness, though it is excruciating in its own way.