The Weekly Rune – Tiwaz

Tiwaz is the half-month rune through 14 March. The intuitive rune is Ingwaz. The earthly spirit of place anchoring the runes this week is Fossilized Ammonite (spiraly thing), in the direction of Within (spirit doll), with element Mycelium (acrylic mushrooms), in the season of Summer (tree button). From right to left are Tiwaz (carved lapis lazuli), then Ingwaz.
Most of us don’t seem to feel seen in our current systems, and this week with Tiwaz speaks directly to that. We fully emerge in the third aett, the Aett of Reckoning (my words, not canon), in which we know the deal of formed being. We know the formative bliss of souling-in-form of the first aett, followed by the agency-slinging-fest of the second. We know that the bulk of our time in form is going to be navigating second-aett dynamics, and that we have to actively draw on our experience of the first aett to get through it. The process of doing exactly that is the reckoning of the third aett, and it starts right out of the gate with the sacrifice of Tiwaz.