The Weekly Rune – Jera

Jera is hearth accounting, getting our house in order. Seasonally, it is the time of The Wild Hunt facilitating our harvest by sweeping out the dead of our lives, so that we can create and hold space for what we need to come.

The Weekly Rune – Isa-Jera

Isa is the half-month rune through 13 December, at which point Jera moves forward through 28 December. The intuitive rune is Wunjo reversed. The earthly spirits of place anchoring the runes this week are Honey Bee and Wheel, Death (plastic skull), whispers of the Hunt (stag button), dead things, World Ancestors (wee wooden spoon), in the direction of Right/Austri/East (Atlantic Dwarf), with element Plant (caloglossa red moss), in the season of Summer. From right to left are Isa, Jera (lapis lazuli) above, then Wunjo reversed (ceramic).

Our time with Isa has been a love-hate dance of stillness with deep revelation. We’ve learned more about ourselves and our culture than maybe we wanted to know in the last two weeks. We can’t get where we say we want to go without that knowing, which is in part the job of Isa. If we want to stop perpetuating what we don’t want and create what we do as a collective, we have to have those simmering moments in truth, and that’s exactly what Isa brings, and will continue to bring in the background, well into the third aett. Isa is our opportunity to dream up how to do better, and with the reprieve it brings, actually be equipped to do so.

The Weekly Rune – Kenaz

We’re not taught flexibility of choice with spiritual matters, but Kenaz says otherwise. We are the fire, we are the fuel that it consumes, and we are the forged thing that takes life from it.