Three Months, Holding Space, and Pre-orders

Excerpt from my upcoming book, From Elder to Ancestor – Nature Kinship for All Seasons of Life, Chapter Two – Repairing the Human-Nature Relationship

“We’re not supposed to have to hold our space alone. By “space” I mean our energetic hygiene, protection, boundaries, health, balance—all of it. We’re not supposed to have to do it alone. In fact, we don’t do it alone.”

Why the Verbs; Write or Die

It’s the verbs that count. Not the roles, or the titles, not the nouns. It’s what you do; it’s what we’re doing. What I realized was that ‘elder’ is not a title we aspire to, but a lifelong practice of becoming. It’s not about being an elder, but about eldering well.

Life Betwixt – Sacred Ink

I’ve long wanted to get a tattoo. When I was in college–well before it was cool to sport ink–a fellow TA had a tiny American flag in the shape of a heart on her ankle, and I wanted one, post-haste. However, not being much of a flag or tiny heart...

On Intuitive Understanding

Several months ago, Peggy Payne asked me to participate in the blog tour, On Intuitive Understanding, which features authors whose lives are touched by intuition. In responding to her inquiry, I’m also including other authors who have participated in this tour....