The Weekly Rune – Dagaz

For the week of 18 June 2023 Eldering the Weather Together  The Weekly Runecast is made public each Solstice. I hope you find it insightful and supportive for this June Solstice...

The Weekly Rune – Ehwaz

Ehwaz is horse. It is both the Yggdrasil–the soul travel destination and navigation system–and Sleipnir–the conduit that allows us to travel out. In ON culture, the horse was the fylgja of humanity. It was the protective spirit of soul travel. That layering of significance, of role with destination, with movement, navigation, and safety… That is the formula I teach in soul travel. It is a real and necessary thing.

The Weekly Rune – Tiwaz

For the week of 5 March 2023 Generational Grief and Personal Truth Tiwaz (lapis lazuli) is the half-month rune through 14 March. Ansuz reversed is the intuitive rune, and Othala indicates Loss’ message to us. The spirits of place anchoring the runes this week are...

The Weekly Rune – Algiz

Relationship to meaning is always that dangling carrot that motivates humanity, for better or worse. What is so lovely about Algiz is its reminder to us that we are also the action of dangling, as well as the carrot.

The Weekly Rune – Jera

For the week of 18 December 2022 The Agency of Place and Darkness Every December Solstice I make the full runecast publicy available. Thank you for your support and encouragement through the year, and all you do to be your place. Jera (ceramic tile) is the half-month...