The Weekly Rune – Algiz-Sowilo

Algiz is the half-month rune through 12 February, at which point Sowilo moves to the fore until 27 February. The intuitive rune is Hagalaz. The earthly spirit of place anchoring the runes this week is Tree (carved Yggdrasil), in the direction of Beyond (Earth marble), with element Stone (amber chips), in the season of Spring (tree button). The Beyond-earth support comes from Source (pyrite sun). From right to left are Algiz above (carved, polished Amethyst), Sowilo below, then Hagalaz.

Where we’ve been scrambling to feel our Beyond-earth Allies, rooting into ecosystem for grounded relationships, and digging deeper within to align unconscious support, with the transition from Algiz to Sowilo this week we’re connecting all those dots for powerful community.

Algiz usually comes in as this fundamental reminder that we are supported and protected by ecosystem, that we are Nature. This cycle’s experience brought tones of that, for sure. The framing runes gave it a bit more bass though, along the lines of what we need to do to support ecosystem, what’s required on our end from them so that they sustain the fortitude to help us human well. Algiz has been a study in how Nature helps us tend it well, which in turn means we are all animisming well.