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Podcast – Are We Changing the Spirit World?

Join me tomorrow at2pm EST, on Why Shamanism Now with Christina Pratt to discuss how we impact the spirit world.

The fixed and constant idea of the invisible world ordered in upper, middle, and lower worlds is a fundamental assumption of neoshamanism. However, if the relationship between humans and helping spirits is truly a working relationship, then it is possible that humans are changing the spirits even as the spirits are help us to change ourselves? Join us this week and contemporary shamanic practitioners and teachers, Kelley Harrell and Christina Pratt explore the signs that humans are changing the dynamics of not only the physical world, but also the invisible world of energy and spirit. Are there spirit world parallels between our affects on the physical world, climate change and polluting our elemental resources, and the spirit world? And most importantly, if there are, what shall we do about it?

Discussing Digital Shamanic Community on “Why Shamanism Now”

 If you missed it Tuesday, myself and Christina Pratt discussed “The Tribe of the Modern Mystic, and how we explore the concept and application of shamanic community in the digital age on her show Why Shamanism Now. You can also download the show on iTunes.

I’d love to hear your reaction to the show, as well as your thoughts on digital community. What has been your experience? Do you participate in online sacred space? For someone who hasn’t, how would you explain it to them?

As  always, I welcome your questions and insights, and heartily encourage subscribing to Christina’s show. Every episode is educational, insightful, and a wonderful expansion of our understanding of modern shamanism.

S. Kelley Harrell's Gift of the Dreamtime - Awakening to the Divinity of Trauma

Gift of the Dreamtime – Book Trailer

S. Kelley Harrell's Gift of the Dreamtime - Awakening to the Divinity of Trauma Thanks to Rob for producing such an awesome book trailer for Gift of the Dreamtime! Its second edition is available as an ebook, and will be in print shortly. More details soon, I just couldn’t wait to share the trailer!