Three Months, Holding Space, and Pre-orders

Excerpt from my upcoming book, From Elder to Ancestor – Nature Kinship for All Seasons of Life, Chapter Two – Repairing the Human-Nature Relationship

“We’re not supposed to have to hold our space alone. By “space” I mean our energetic hygiene, protection, boundaries, health, balance—all of it. We’re not supposed to have to do it alone. In fact, we don’t do it alone.”

35 Years an Ancestor

35 years The summer that I was 17 my great aunt, whom I was very close to, died. In an anthology chapter I wrote years ago, I described her as, “the cook, the hostess, the comforter, and the keeper of all the mysterious secrets for how to do just about...

Walking the Spirited Path – 2021

útiseta In Old Norse culture is the tradition of útiseta, or ‘sitting out.’ Útiseta is embodiment in Nature to speak to the Ancestors. It is an ancient recognition of the direct relationship between ourselves, our Ancestors, and Nature, and of the inherent...