Good afternoon, My name is Josée. I am scheduled for surgery on June 23 2004 and am getting quite nervous. Any insight on your part would be great. Thank you! Josée

Hi Josée. Thanks for your note! Upon asking your guides about this surgery, I see that you are very much protected and cared for. I see 7 spirits, guides and loved ones who are in the spirit world now, attending you through this period. They literally, physically assist your body in remembering healthy function, and assist your soul in facilitating its own reconnection to the body after surgery. Not only does the body have its unique connection to your soul and Higher Power, but every individual cell does. Many people with Hyperhidrosis condition also suffer from excessive hand sweating. It is at this level of awareness that you must be at this time. Surgery affects not just the physical, but the etheric body, which is the term I use to summarize the entire manifestation of a creature that is in this realm, and simultaneously is in other realms. Where surgery alters the physical form, particularly when things are removed from it, that etheric body part still remains needing care and acknowledgement.

Take great care to be as present as you can during this time, doing a great deal of affirming self-talk. Now more than ever you must co-create with your Higher Power your place of health. The part of you that is one with All That Is creates your existence. How you speak is very important to how you think and view yourself, as how you view yourself is the way you manifest in your life. You must manifest as the light creature that you are, but before you can do that, you must KNOW that you are that light creature. Pay attention to how you talk to your Higher Power. Instead of asking for outcomes (Please let my surgery go well) and focusing on things you feel you don’t have, (Please give me strength), focus on the innate soul qualities that you possess, and ALWAYS HAVE POSSESSED. When you ask for things, the emphasis is on the asking, the LACK of having, not the receiving. Not acknowledging what you already have as one of Spirit comes out as a lack of faith that you already embody what you need. You know that you are already high on the list of priorities of your Higher Power. You don’t have to ask for that. But do acknowledge it, so that you can fully manifest your health. You can manifest those soul qualities by changing how you speak, which changes how you think. For instance, in your meditative state, you might say, “With my Higher Power’s assistance I command my natural strength manifest in my life.” Or simply, “Thank you for my good health and wellness.” In both of those statements, rather than coming from a place of want or desparation, the emphasis is on honoring and acknowledging what you already have. The emphasis is on faith in yourself and your Higher Power.

Actively call on your guides and Higher Power to help you hold yourself in the highest place that you can for healing to occur. Particularly after surgery, take great care to ask your guides and Higher Power to send light to the surgery area. Visualize the color of the light, letting the color be whatever it needs to be. Let the light fill your body, and see it doing so.

I see you after surgery, incredibly renewed, in a way that changes your perspective on how you live. I see a shift in your approach to physical health, but also in how you look at life and feel about it. In one regard, this shift manifests for you in an artistic expression. I see you working with elements, literally earth and water–clay–putting this new perspective into creations that you share with the world. This artistic expression is one way you touch the lives of others, passing on this bright perspective. In this creative act, there is also the message that you know how to nourish yourself on all levels. You know how to live well, which is truly a rare thing. Celebrate it! You are in my thoughts, Josée. Everything is fine. =)