Private Mentoring

Actionable Animism & Soul Tending


with Soul Intent Arts

can be done through two paths: with an emphasis on Soul Tending, for those who feel called to soul tending, and with an emphasis on animistic engagement, for those who crave a more inspired animistic life. These are two distinctly different approaches to mentorship, each with unique challenges and commitments.

Animistic Mentorship

Soul Intent Arts offers a comprehensive and empowering Spiritual Mentorship Program. Spiritual Mentorship is for those specifically seeking to deepen their soul connection, commit to personal healing, cultivate intuition, and meet spiritual goals. Some may want to hone their skills to help others do the same, though not everyone is cut out for the soul tending of others. Learning to live an animistic life can bring a deep sense of community and engagement, regardless of how you bring it forward.

While our culture has come to value alternative healing methods, often isolated healing sessions and classes based in various esoteric studies aren’t enough to establish the foundation desired for personal growth.  It often isn’t what happens in sessions that determines path. What happens between sessions and how the mundane life is handled very much impacts our spiritual path. With over 25 years of experience developing my personal path of intuitive healing and over 20 years working with others as a professional intuitive and healing facilitator, I offer a one-on-one mentorship program assisting individuals in addressing spiritual needs, assessing  areas for growth, tailoring techniques and exercises to facilitate spiritual self-support, and development of intuitive strengths.

Animistic Mentorship Commitment

This mentorship program can be done remotely, for which we meet via web conference.  Sessions are one hour for $150.00, paced as needed. Special payment arrangements are available. I have never been a huge fan of saying you must commit to X-number of sessions in order to get the full benefit. My experience has shown that work sustained over time at a self-determined interval works like a champ. If you need a pre-determined timetable to stay accountable to yourself, we can work that out.

In sessions, we focus on spiritual needs, personal goals, intuitive development, and self-support techniques. Mentoring is tailored to your needs, intuitive interests, and goals. Between sessions we engage in email support.

Distance mentoring is at my discretion. Contact me about your specific goals, needs, and healing focus before making this commitment.

Soul Tending Mentorship

Soul Intent Arts offers a comprehensive and empowering soul tending mentorship through The Spirited Path Intensive. Approached as the Intensive, the coursework is structured to span about a two-and-a-half-year commitment. When done as a private mentorship, the work is custom fitted to your schedule,  needs, modality, and goals, making it take longer than two years to complete.

Soul tending mentorship is for those specifically seeking to work with others, devoted to servitude of a community. All aspects of The Spirited Path pertain to this avenue of study, only it is done one-on-one and self-paced. When done as a mentorship, you may begin in January or July. Because it is self-paced, the time to complete the coursework varies. A regular interval for mentoring sessions will be set, in addition to class and experiential work. All engaged in this mentorship are required to participate in Sharing Sessions, which are Initiate peer witnessing sessions that meet every three weeks via webconference.

My goal in mentoring individuals along their spiritual paths is to bring the opportunity for spiritual in a safe, supportive process of witnessing, engaging, and enjoying, for the purpose of creating social justice through sacred activism.

Intensive Mentorship Commitment

Please review the requirements noted for the The Spirited Path. Commitment to this work assures more flexibility in timing, pace of study, and financial commitment. If you feel led to this study, contact me to discuss your specific goals, needs, and commitment.


The Spirited Path

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