The Spirited


the Quest SERIES

Land-based identity and soul tending training with Kelley Harrell, M. Div.

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Whether you’re looking for the modern animist’s tool kit or soul tender’s proficiency, The Quest Series and The spirited Path give you the knowledge, wisdom, and confidence to ethically bear your gift to the world.


To “quest’ means to conduct an arduous search for something. It’s an apt word to describe how we arrive at our spiritual path, cosmology, rituals, and awareness of how we apply our agency in Aemrican settler culture. It’s not an easy task.

To meet the dynamic needs of animistic land-based identity and soul tending of community on the Broken Path, Soul Intent Arts presents the unique opportunity to engage soul work in an intensive setting.  In order to meet those needs well, we need to understand how we are in relationship with our cosmology, community, systems, and internal processes. This exploration begins with The Quest Series, a modern animist’s toolkit. This Series is a collection of courses designed to bring you more deeply into land-based identity with your ecosystem and understand the implications of soul work in community. In it we explore the Broken Path, personal relationship to place-space, concepts of soul work, Nature Spirits, ritual and cosmology, and what it means to be an animist in settler culture, now. The Quest Series teaches you to cultivate strong lore in place that outlives you.

Completion of The Quest Series presents the opportunity to take the advanced work of The Spirited Path intensive, which is intended for those planning soul work with others. Intensive training builds on your rootedness to place-space and gives you proficiency in skills to find your unique spiritual path in support of your unquiet dead, Ancestors, fellow human-persons, and peaceful coexistence with your land spirits, so that you can live your calling and leave the planet better than you found it.

This is walking The Spirited path, with Soul Intent Arts.


As most of us in settler culture walk broken spiritual paths, we cannot thoughtlessly claim animistic or shamanic traditions that went before us as our own. Neither can we claim the titles of those paths, or the land-based relationship of human-persons who have stewarded where we live, unbroken. We can, however, respond to our own calling and ethically create our own way, authentic to how and where we live and engage, to our Ancestors, without disparaging ancient paths, the people or practices of traditional shamanism, or indigenous cultures. We can ethically soul tend where we stand. Through The Quest Series and The Spirited Path teachings and community, I help you re-member direct relationship with Nature, find respectful land-based identity, and embody ourselves as relationship builders in soul tending.

That said, I don’t teach a brand of soul tending. I don’t teach a path of shamanism. I don’t even teach you my path. I teach you how to find yours, through your cosmology and rituals, to ground the skills you learn into everyday life with sustainable passion and wisdom, in community, and to hold awareness of how all cosmology is in relationship. This coursework implements a thorough experiential curriculum to form your own approach to animist presence and soul tending, should you choose. It facilitates your ability to apply your agency to be a fit, embodied elder, and to upon death become a wise, capable Ancestor. This is land-based identity and spirituality.


What Classes are in The Quest Series?

Classes covered in The Quest Series are

  • Introduction to Soul Tending
  • Working with Nature Spirits
  • Ritual, Ceremony, and Cosmology
  • Introduction to Animism

Each class must be taken in order to progress to the next.

Classes are capped at 15 seats.

What is Introduction to Soul Tending?

Introduction to Soul Tending is an 8-week class with four live sessions and Discord community, presenting an ethical, grounded examination of soul tending. Learn the history of modern shamanic culture and why aspects of it are problematic. Explore the religious, neurological, cultural, and political aspects of soul tending. Learn the aspects of the initiatory wound and how it informs the healing story. Join the Discord channel for ongoing discussion among peers, closing with a final session to process and invite feedback from cosmologies.

Objectives of this course

  • to situate modern soul work in an everyday context
  • to understand animism as it relates to soul tending
  • a survey of the history and philosophies of soul tending
  • current challenges facing traditional and modern soul workers
  • cultural considerations of soul tending
  • what it means to tend souls
  • how one comes to tend souls
  • what a soul tender does
What is Required to Take The Quest Series?

The classes in this series are all live and online. They will be recorded, though class attendance is expected. In order to take them you must purchase the class, and be able to access Kajabi, Zoom, and Discord. You will receive notes before each class, and you are welcome to take your own notes as we progress. Some homework requires that you be able to engage outdoors or have access to a window to see or hear outdoors to complete Introspections.

Note there are no refunds on purchases. Balances may be applied to other services.

What Comes After The Quest Series

Upon completion of the four classes in The Quest Series, students can elect to move into soul tending studies to complete The Spirited Path intensive. These studies help you to refine how communication with Spirit Allies works for you, how to access your cosmology to gain medicine to bring back to your ecosystem, community, and path. and delves into specific approaches of shadow tending, soul retrieval, deathwalking, bane work, Ancestor tending, and energy tending. The focus of The Spirited Path is for folx who wish to work with others to gain the skills to do so, as well as the understanding of community support needed to do that work.

We don't heal in isolation

but in community

Gift of the Dreamtime Reader's Companion

~S. Kelley Harrell