The Spirited


Land-based identity and soul tending training with Kelley Harrell, M. Div.


Soul Intent Arts offers The Spirited Path as training in skills to restore land-based identity and spirituality.  Through cultivating intimate relationship with your rituals and cosmology, you learn to find your unique spiritual path in support of your unquiet dead, well ancestors, fellow humans, and peaceful coexistence with your land spirits, so that you can live your calling and leave the planet better than you found it.

This is walking The Spirited path, with Soul Intent Arts.


As most of us in settler culture walk broken spiritual paths, we cannot claim animistic or shamanic traditions that went before us as our own. Neither can we claim the titles of those paths. We can, however, respond to our own calling and ethically create our own way, authentic to how and where we live and engage, without disparaging ancient paths, the people or practices of traditional shamanism, or indigenous cultures. We can ethically soul tend where we stand. Through The Spirited Path teachings and community, we remember direct relationship with Nature, and embody ourselves as relationship builders in soul tending.

That said, I don’t teach a brand of soul tending. I don’t teach a path of shamanism. I don’t even teach you my path. I teach you how to find your path of soul tending, through your cosmology and rituals, to ground the skills you learn into everyday life with sustainable passion and wisdom, in community, and to hold awareness of how all cosmology is in relationship. This coursework implements a thorough experiential curriculum to form your own approach to modern soul tending and bring it to the world. It facilitates your ability to apply your agency through soul tending. Through intimate relationship with your rituals and cosmology in this Intensive, you accept and engage the collective calling to be a fit, embodied elder, and to upon death become a wise, capable Ancestor. This is land-based identity and spirituality. As such, this coursework is intended for those driven to work in some capacity of service to community in the role of soul tender. It is not intended as self-work or animistic study.

Elder Well

To bear your unique gift to the world.

Die Well

To leave the planet better than you found it.

Ancestor Well

So that your descendants never elder alone.

We don't heal in isolation,

but in community

Gift of the Dreamtime Reader's Companion

~S. Kelley Harrell