Life has always been a challenge for me. I am a single mom raising two boys. My oldest son is on the verge of flunking 7th grade. It seems that no matter how hard I try to be the glue that sticks us together I am never enough. I work full time and commute 3 hours a day, which doesn’t leave me much time for being a mom. My real dream is to stay at home but being single, that seems like a virtual impossibility. My parents have been taking care of my kids while I work all of these years. I feel my mother is on her way out and I need to be thinking of a plan to help my father and keep taking care of my kids somehow. Also, I recently had a Reiki Master say that someone was around me for a while that had died in the 40s, whom I believe was my Uncle Ben. My home has been a hot bed for paranormal activity and this uncle has been on my mind. This Reiki Master seemed to think that my Uncle Ben has contributed to some of the unexplained activity in my home. I am having a difficult time understanding why the surgence in paranormal activity and this sense that something horrible and lifechanging is going to happen. Please help… Running Scared

Running Scared, I can see why your stress level is so high–you have a lot going on in and around you. There are several things coming from your note that I wish to comment on. First, as I’m sure you have sensed, the level of stress under which you are living does make you more susceptible to intrusions of a spiritual nature. You are being pulled in so many directions at once, it’s hard to take the time to ground, which you definitely need to do. The more centered you are, the less likely it is that other influences affect your own life force. On that note, if your Reiki practitioner or someone who does shamanic work can help you clear out any spiritual attachments overburdening you right now, as well as in your home and possibly in your sons, go for it. Get all the support you can in clearing the space of unwanted “strings”, and have the energy worker bring positive forces into you and your home. Doing BOTH parts of that process are very important: clearing, then bringing in healing light forces. Once you have this foundation, make it a daily practice to honor it. Your intuitive world is going to open leaps and bounds!

Another factor here is that you are a sensitive person. Most people do not have the external experiences that you are describing, and definitely not the internal ones. You truly can’t just walk away from gifts like that. The Universe will keep tapping you on the shoulder with bumps in the night until you delve further in to your abilities and learn what they are and how they benefit us all. In your prayers, meditation, or personal method of honoring Self and All, ask for that opening and acceptance to occur in you, that your gifts manifest, and that the teachers come who can best help you know how to use them. There is a great emphasis on faith in this transition for you, and releasing your fear to embrace your power will be significant in this process.

Something else that strikes me here is that you are raising 2 very special children on your own. Particularly the eldest may be considered an Indigo Child, and your youngest is definitely in the age range of a Crystal Child. If you are not familiar with these terms, definitely do some research. Both of your children are exceptionally gifted, and this is in part why the eldest is not doing well in traditional school. It truly does not suit his spiritual resonance, and he is torn between wanting to perform well on this mundane level, and needing to feed his own soul’s growth. For now he feels these two worlds as if in conflict with each other, posing a significant challenge to his soul’s growth.

Something else to keep in mind is that the energy on this planet is shifting. We are quickly moving toward a new consciousness on this planet, and the discomfort you are feeling about your life now is a reflection of that. You are being called to grow. This is the time to truly create the space to give thanks for the wonderful things in your life. It is from that same space that the things you perceive yourself as not having will emerge. You have three incredibly powerful and sensitive people living under one roof, that are each in their own way going through this same shift. You are all sensitives being called to do some kind of higher consciousness work, and trying to find your way with that. It will not be an easy shift, but it will be the one that brings you the peace you are seeking, as well as the answers. Be well!