Dear Kelley, I have always had difficulties in romance, never seeming to find Mr. Right. Following a major health battle 10 years ago, I lost my interest in establishing a relationship, concentrating more on my own well being. This has led to a great deal of isolation. However, five years ago I began investing a great deal of time in a troubled, but joyful man. Last summer, his emotional betrayal of our friendship led to its demise. Although deeply disappointed in the loss, for me it was a wake up call and probably a blessing in disguise. Now that I’m free and healed, I’d like to know how to proceed to improve my romantic and personal life so that I can find lasting love and companionship in a soulmate relationship. Thank you for your insight. Atrium

Thank you for your note, Atrium. I have a little story to tell you. Once upon a time, there was a young woman who was a powerful sorceress, at the time when all women were powerful sorceresses and they knew it. The balance of the Divine Feminine was slipping from the planet, and Her male counterpart had become incredibly saddened by the plight of The People, the pain of His Goddess, yet realized the necessity of The People having to rebuild the balance themselves. You see, as any good active participant knows, we all appreciate more the things we’ve had to create for ourselves, than those created for us…

But this young woman wasn’t so insightful about this decline, as most of her time weren’t, and so many still aren’t. This beauty kept close the items of her magick—a jeweled dagger, a rough chunk of amethyst, several pieces of parchment with her thoughts on them, and a gold ring. It was the latter of these items that caused her the most distress, but it was the first of them which she used to carve out her grief. In what would seem an irrational fit, she gouged out the palms of her hands with the dagger, the only means she could devise of displaying her anguish, and permanently altering the seat of her power—the chakras in her palms. It was widely recognized in that time that a split among The People was occurring far more vast than merely a difference of religion, race, culture, or even gender… Yet it was that latter distinguishing feature in the “evolution” of humankind that the final and most lasting spiritual blow was dealt to our planet: the differentiation of the sexes had devolved into the basis on which not our social status was judged, but our souls. Many men of the time, due to the adjustment to living as separate and distinct sexes, had forgotten how to make their own true soul magick, and reinvented it in a very earthly based etheric rape of that of women. It wasn’t so clear cut as that, but ANYONE, male or female, who continued to uphold tenets of the Divine Feminine were subject to great punishment. The context of this tragedy pained the young sorceress beyond anything she could have imagined possible, yet she was more pained to know that her beloved fiancé had become one of those who sought to keep the Feminine from this plane.

She had tortured herself with knowing that she could not be with such a mate and be true to herself, yet knowing that he remained her soulmate whom she loved infinitely. After much soulsearching and a brief encounter with an angel, the young woman allowed herself to be taken into the realm of the Divine and be healed by the Great Spirit. Her power was restored. She no longer grieved the loss of a life spent with her soulmate. She finally understood that even in his own way, her dear lover was playing out his role in teaching humanity what it needed to learn for itself about the power in honoring the Whole Divine, creating a Whole Humanity. The young woman returned to the place of her dwelling and found that all of her riches, the strongest elements of her power that had been stolen from her in her grief, were buried in the forest. Her heart was tinged with sadness as she knew it was her lover who had stolen this power from her and hidden it, yet she was not moved to take this power back for herself. Instead, she buried it more thoroughly as a symbol of her commitment to and a gift for the Universes that she would play out her role in restoring the balance of the Divine Whole to the planet. She did not need to take this elemental power back because she had learned to source her power from a higher plane.

Atrium, you do not need to play out that role on a Universal level anymore. You have done your part in sacrificing aspects of your own personal life to a greater planetary good. The lovely young woman, a past life soul aspect of you who came to me, has been healed. That in and of itself has created a deep shift for you spiritually, even on a cellular level. This wound, which has been personal and simultaneously Universal carried over lifetimes, is gone for you. You now have the freedom within All That You Are to have deep soulful relationships. Yes, we are still as a collective healing this Original Wound. But this is the part where the Universes pay you back, by letting you know that your focus can return solely to you. To heal yourself is the greatest thing you can do for all of us at this time. It is through this healing that you can now create the space for a soulmate to enter your life. You are an incredibly gifted intuitive, and it is safe for you to be you again. Take some time to meditate on what your soul wants you to do with this newfound freedom. She will lead you toward receiving the blessings of the Universes that are rightfully yours. Be well, Atrium!