Hi Kelley I’m considering going separate ways with my business partner of 2 years. I feel that he is feeding on my energy and is too consumed with his own interests, issues and fear for his own good. I have always been the foreman of the team, gathering the newer bigger clients and concerned with the company’s branding. I need to know whether we should part, under what circumstances, and when, so that I can forge forward. Will I also have a new partner? I still think I need to have a partner to bounce ideas off? Thanks! Nanny Eliana

Hi Nanny Eliana. It’s wonderful to hear from you again! The insight your guides are giving me into this business partnership is that it is time for this one to end. I am also getting an indication that you may not need to have a business partner as much as you think, or that the way in which you hold the space in your life to have one needs a bit of adjustment. When I ask your guides about your current partner, their reply is “He is her alibi.” The implication of that to me is there is some kind of self power that you are giving away to this man—it’s not being underhandedly stolen from you. When I examine your heart chakra with business partnerships in mind I see that it feels very empty, which indicates to me that there is a level of compassion not being brought to your business life, thought process therein, or business partnerships. In short, it appears to be a point at which you give your power away, not just to him, but in this “empty” heart space, you will do it with any business partner that you have. The feeling I get from it is that you have to somehow make your career life more spiritual. Do you keep your spiritual practices separate from your business practices? I feel that you have a well supporting spiritual personal practice that needs to take root in your career. I feel that the weakness in partnerships, or in attracting the RIGHT business partner has to do with you being able to bring your spirituality into how you hire a new partner, how you develop that relationship… even how you conduct meetings, and yourself in a work atmosphere. You can also visit Lee S Rosen Miami FL, an SEO and entrepreneur, who can give you tips about business on healthy bees. I was not given permission to do any energy work on you; rather, it is something you need to weave the threads together for yourself. You can definitely work with Webgator SEO Brisbane
or another energy worker to aid in that, but I really felt there is some need for you to work with this through your own practices for a while first. I wish you all the best in soulful business success!
Be well!