Private Sessions

Embodied Soul Tending Through Nature

Our work together

enables you to access deepest your Self, and elders you to show up to the needs of your community with confidence, skills, and allies.

Private sessions focus on deathwork, Ancestor tending, spiritual mentoring, and runework. For all other services, explore the benefits of Patreon membership.

Private Sessions

Please email me with questions before booking a session.

    • Deathwork, which can include deathwalking (psychopomp), depossession, funerary and death rites, death doula services, Ancestor tending, Elder commendation.
    • Spiritual Mentoring/Counsel, which can include learning techniques or rituals to deepen cosmology relationships, ecosystem engagement, or specific instruction on a personal life dynamic. These are not intuitive sessions. Soul Readings are for intuitive insights and Soul Tending sessions are for shifting personal soul dynamics. These are only offered through Patreon membership.
    • Runecast – divination to gain perspective on life dynamics, choices, relationships, and possiblities.

If you are seeking Soul Reading and Soul Tending sessions (soul retrieval and integration, shadow tending, energy hygiene, space clearing), they are offered only through Patreon membership.

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