Dear Kelley, You have a tremendous gift and I am always amazed to see how you bring to light those things that we are unable to see for ourselves. I consider myself to be a somewhat spiritual person and have sensed an unpleasant energy near me. Thankfully, I believe it’s no longer in my field. Would you happen to have any additional insight into this? Also, for a while now, I have been trying to understand certain behaviors that have been holding me back from achieving my best. I would like to tap into my strengths more and work with my weaknesses, but I’m not even certain that I know what these are anymore. Cheers, C.

Hi C. Thank you for your note. When I initially called for your guides, I saw you having an altercation with not just one entity in the past, but a group of them, all at once. An aspect of your soul was deliberately taken in this experience, and there was very much a secret society air about it, if not ritualistic. Not only was part of your soul stolen, but a powerful unkind entity remained in its place. To clarify, two distinct things occurred in this experience: soul separation (stealing, in this case), and entity attachment, or “possession,” to give it a more mainstream term. I am not told why this exchange occurred.

The attachment carried with it a very subtle energy of wearing you down from the inside, a draining element of self-harm, nothing dramatic or even externally noticeable. Any attachment detracts from one’s power. What makes this one a bit unique is that its sole purpose was to keep you from your power, by way of indecisiveness and a keen feeling of not being able to truly close events and experiences in your life. You do not have that attachment with you anymore, and after having witnessed its full departure, I see that you are doing fairly well. There is need of doing some conscientious healing around all of this, however. I see some habits of mild insecurity, which you picked up while the entity was there, remain. These are not overt in any way, or even necessarily actions you carry out on a daily basis. They are more beliefs, residuals that you hold in your etheric body that need to be released on a cellular level for this healing to take you to the next level of growth. That is one part of what is occurring with feeling that things just aren’t coming together despite your best efforts. About the ‘missing’ soul part…

Before I get too into the details of this specific soul part, just a few words on the nature of souls, and soul separation (or loss). What we consider the soul has infinite “parts”. Those parts come and go, leaving to do work in the astral plane perhaps in the sleep state, returning to gift us with the question of “what in the world did THAT dream mean?” Soul travel is a natural occurrence. Something else that occurs in this plane is the loss of aspects of the soul when a trauma occurs. Trauma may be a car crash, a death of a loved one, assault, divorce… The definition of trauma varies by individual. In the case of soul stealing, a soul part is taken knowingly by another person or entity. The soul aspect may remain separated for diverse reasons, including the need to shield one from traumatic memories (which are taken with it); the soul part has become wounded and can’t return on its own; the soul part leaves to give higher guidance from “above…” When soul separation occurs the individual in waking ceases to develop in some way. Again, the loss can manifest in diverse ways, such as chronic illness or depression, a loss of will, a harmful pattern that can’t be broken… Sometimes aspects return on their own, but it is always THEIR choice to return. One cannot force a soul part to return. Often they don’t return on their own, or need some level of facilitating in order to fully re-integrate. This point is where a shaman comes in, to gain insight into what the soul part needs to return, and how this is going to affect the person’s present.

The aspect of you that was taken was a powerful knight. This knight embodies a deep knowledge of truly right action, as well as how to act from a place of holding balance for the greater good, rather than one of defense. Somehow these abilities have been stunted for you in the knight’s absence. As I am with the knight, I feel that it is quite hunted, which manifests for you as a very low level of anxiety for which you have never been able to name the source. The source does not exist in waking, but in the fear of manifesting your best. You fear that if you succeed at something, drawing attention to yourself, an aspect of your soul will be taken again. You fear shining too brightly, which means you have feared manifesting your own power.

I send the knight up for healing, and in that process your guides become more present. Along with them come 16 shadowy souls, who are the group that originally stole the aspect from you. I hold the space for them to move up to Spirit, as well. Redemption is a good thing. This will be very important for you to keep in mind in moving forward with this healing. The soul part of the knight remains in the realm of Spirit. I do not return soul parts without the express consent of an individual, and even then, not without the consent of that person’s guides. Instead I am given a original ritual for YOU to work with this soul part. The ritual isn’t specifically returning the soul part, but a means of helping you create the space, “setting the stage” for it to return.

The ritual begins by creating sacred space and drawing a small bowl of water. Kneel before it. Through your means of prayer, affirmations, meditation to your Higher Power, your guides and All That You Are, thank all the aforementioned for the release of the entity, and the support in returning and integrating this soul part. Affirm to them and your conscious self that you are dedicating your effort to this healing, and to accepting their leadership in how to accomplish that. In doing so, dedicate the water as the symbol of this healing and commitment. Dip your hands into the water, then draw a bit of it over your face. Drink the remaining water. Observe your initial body sensations after doing this, any feelings, thoughts, memories that come up. Note them. Meditate on them as you feel led. When you have finished this, do something amazingly positive and luxuriously restful FOR YOURSELF. Take a long warm candlelit bath. Lie down and listen to some of your favorite music in the dark. Do something to draw your power back into yourself and open the space to welcome it. Observe again your feelings, sensations, thoughts…

I highly encourage you to undertake this work with the support you have around you in energy workers and shaman. I know that you have the means to do this work or your guides would not have given me a ritual for you. That does not preclude your own good insight, and making use of all the assistance you can on this journey. All the forces necessary are supporting you in returning this soul part and integrating it. Handle carefully this fear of holding your own power, then as they say, knowingly, gently set that fear aside. You’re ready to move on. Be well!