Kelley, I had a [platonic] friend that I was very close to for years. I knew him before he decided to get married. He always knew he loved me but it wasn’t until last year I realized that I was truly in love with him. As a result, I ended our friendship because he was married to another woman and they were about to have their second baby. Regardless, within the past four months I have occasional dreams that are very vivid. In the first one he was at the front of a church standing with a priest. I was in the back in a white dress and I could see the whole church. In the next dream he was at the front with the priest, my best friend was my maid of honor and my uncle was giving me away. What does this mean? It has been very hard removing him from my life but does this mean he will be coming back? What do I do? Do you have any insight or advice? Thank you. Cathleen J

Holding_Hands_shadow_on_sandCathleen, It seems to me that this man never left your life–spiritually. You are and perhaps always have been joined with him in a very High way. There are many ways to be spiritually connected to someone, to be “soulmates”. Romantic intimate involvement is merely one of them. These bonds most often manifest as relationships in which we are being challenged to grow, feel led to teach and/or be taught. Western culture has shaped our perception of these soul relationships such that we tend to think they are all supposed to equate to longterm romantic interludes. However, some may be quite short-lived to aid us through a specific period of life, or to teach a specific lesson. The connections are eternal, however, the actual presence of the person in our waking lives may be profoundly brief. And yes, you may have many such soulmates along the way, and you may also have one (or more) that presents a long term sharing of paths.

It is difficult to define the exact relationship that you have to this man without speaking with you further. Even then, it may not be easy to define, but clarifies only after exploring your own soul’s choices. My sense is that you are very spiritually connected to this man, but you have not been at the same level of growth for that relationship to manifest in an ongoing daily commitment. That doesn’t mean that the bond is less, or that the teaching and love from this relationship has been lost. It does mean that you will have to expand your understanding of spiritual relatedness for the benefit of this experience to fully come forward. As well, the current status of your relationship doesn’t mean that you will never be together in a romantic sense, but it definitely indicates that is not the highest way to experience life at this time. This feels strong to me in the vision of only one of you at a time being at the altar.

I encourage you to explore what you have learned deep within yourself from having known this person in this plane, and perhaps Beyond. I have the feeling that when you can release the earthly emotional attachments you have to him about not being with him in a romantic sense and gain more insight into your own soul’s journey, the spiritual bond supporting this relationship will truly manifest, and you will find the peace you are seeking. For when you experience that bond, how you interact with him in the mundane will not be your center of focus anymore. The truth of your soul’s journey will be. Be well, Cathleen!