Soul Intent ArtsIn 2000, I created my neoshamanic practice, Soul Intent Arts. I’d worked with others for two years, and had crafted a personal animistic path with strong shamanic influences for ten years prior. Making the transition from spiritual seeker to committed shamanic practitioner was a huge step. Twenty-two years of experience seeing life through a shamanic lens and working with others has given me insights that feel right to pass along at this auspicious time. To celebrate Soul Intent Arts’ presence in this plane and this exceptional dance we’re doing toward this Winter Solstice, I’m closing this momentous year by listing my ten most poignant observations of personal shamanic work and maintaining a shamanic practice, and will present them over the next few days.
Thank you to all of the readers, clients, students, confidantes, comrades, and spaceholders who have contributed to Soul Intent Arts’ sustaining life force. Bless all of your dear hearts.

  • Even in the realm of spiritual and etheric healing, there is no magick pill. Miracles are not anticipated, they are observed. I’ve worked with clients who have made astounding strides in healing. I’ve had women who were trying to conceive sustain a healthy pregnancy after our work. I’ve seen people release lifelong emotional, psychological, and physical conditions after sessions. To my clients these outcomes were miracles. To me, each was a surprise, not because I don’t believe in miracles, but because I don’t project outcomes. It would be egotistical of me to define what my client would consider a miracle, not to mention would be usurping my client’s power. The marvelous occurs around us everyday in the form of signals. The better we become at reading the signals, the more miracles we witness in our lives. Consider the implications of such in the article Paranormal Everyday.