Question: Kelley, My niece, Sarah, is 3 years old.  Right now, she’s suffering a sight problem and it doesn’t look good. Can you tell me if there’s any chance she’ll regain her sight?  Sad and in despair, Bob McKinley

Hi Bob.  Thanks for your note.  Upon calling in a spiritual aspect of Sarah and her guides, it is my understanding that she is choosing to experience the manifest world in a different way.  What that means is it is up to her whether she chooses to perceive this plane visually.  At this point in her life she is very pleased with her sensual understanding of how she both relates to and interprets the world around her.  I also see that the grief of the adults regarding her “condition” is impacting more her ability to interface with the world the way she is choosing than the fact that her choice is to do so without sight.  I see that on an energetic level she is incredibly visually gifted and in that has a much higher perception of how to interact with the spiritual Unseen world than most.  When I view her etheric form she is quite healthy and happy, and I see that she interacts with colors aurally.  That is, she hears colors.  She interprets the color patterns she sees through her third eye into sound, and in that ability nothing is absent from her experience here.  Sarah doesn’t just hear colors, she interacts with them.  We have long known that different colors travel at distinct speeds of light, and that these speeds also correspond to tones, specifically certain notes in musical scales.  It is this connection that underlies most of what we call ‘energy work.’  Sarah is naturally tuned into this color/tone connection in a way that most sighted humans can never completely learn.  She also seems to be able to perceive what color something is by touching it, not because she sees the color in any figurative way or knows what we say its name is, but because every color has a unique Unseen vibration and she is quite attuned to that field of energy.  Most children are very connected with the Unseen and they express that in ways such as invisible playmates or through information that they ‘could not have known’, often to the chagrin of their parents.  As children become learned in the denser lessons of Earth, they forget.  We forget.  The process of forgetting can be very traumatic for some children, as the crux of it is their truths are no longer validated (or tolerated) by the formed world around them.  Sarah is a bit different in that she has a direct relationship to this “between” space, and she does not have the clutter and confusion of perceiving an object’s form as being different from its Unseen manifestation to distract her.  Nonetheless, as she ages and has to become more independent, the outside world is going to demand that she be more tactile, herself.  It is going to feel very threatening to her to think she has to let that go to be productive here.

Sarah always has the choice to regain her sight, though I do not see her choosing to. She is content to be in that between space of interpreting the world a different way.  I also see that she has great artistic and energy medicine contributions to make to the world from working in that space.  The Hurdles for Sarah right now are not actually her own.  Rather, they are more centered around her parents releasing guilt and sympathy regarding her not being sighted and her parents expanding their understanding of how their daughter really is perceiving the world, which is very nonconventional.  There is some emotional release needed for them, as well as some ethereal education.  Sarah very much wants to please her parents, and if they show shortsightedness in their beliefs of Sarah and her perceptions, so will Sarah.  It will be an interesting challenge for the adults around her to foster her growth in that way, and help her develop this ability–which seems to bring her great peace.  Sarah’s ability to have that connection with things seems to be a grounding force for her, helping her to continue to feel good about being here.  It helps her to feel connected to All That Is.  Allowing Sarah to develop this ability is akin to any one of us developing our intuition, or learning a specific technique, such as Reiki or Animal Communication. As you well know, she can learn to be very externally productive despite not seeing, but cultivating this ability goes much further than that.  This ability it a natural part of her being and is key to her ability to thrive here.  She is not going to learn to develop her gift in a conventional setting.  This teacher will have to be sought out, and will come when Sarah is ready.

Sarah has some powerful animal spirits working with her right now–a giraffe, a crane and a plecostomus (yes, a plecostomus).  The giraffe gives her a higher vantage point to “look” over life, and I suspect this animal has been with her for a very long time.  She has a particular affinity to him.  The crane is bringing her stability, especially in situations in which it seems she has none.  This animal also seems to have a soothing maternal air about her, which I suspect is connected to Sarah’s own mothering of herself already.  The plecostomus operates as a personal janitor, taking in Sarah’s less than favorable feelings and reactions to life, giving her a place to vent them out.  He is very fond of her, though they do not seem to have been together long.  She may really respond to having stuffed animals of these near her.

Sarah is very fortunate to have loving adults around her, such as yourself, Bob.  She can be a profound teacher in your life and the others around her.  You have an angel in your midst.  Help her fly.

Be well, Bob!