Introduction to Energy Work

Want to learn an easy, informative way to work with your chakra system? Mindful etheric beings are what we are, and through intentional awareness are what we are becoming. Thus, mindful etheric being is our true selves, and a way of readily connecting with that authenticity. The more we can expand our understanding of who and what we are, the more we can affect how we feel, grow, and manifest. Becoming familiar with and engaging our etheric selves enables us more range to be ourselves as we truly intend.

In this class you will learn:

  • the function of the primary chakra system and etheric field
  • the function of other lesser-known chakras
  • to identify each chakra and its story, thus your story
  • to “adjust” your etheric field

This class is intended for self-work, not for working with others.

The purpose of this class is to present a concise, uniquely personal method of working with life force that can be used immediately.

No prior trance experience is necessary, only the ability to be free in your imagination.

This class is part of the Mindful Etheric Being Series, a collection of techniques geared toward helping the modern seeker maintain mindfulness on the go.

Contact Kelley at kelley at soulintentarts dot com for more info and to register.