Introduction to Compassionate Meditation

Want to learn a few easy, brief ways to meditate? This class teaches approaches to meditation that work with your existing schedule, allow you to center, and to heal All Things by learning to be present.

In this class you will learn:

  • the most engaging quick meditation ever
  • how relationships affect mindfulness
  • how releasing others heals you
  • how to bring yourself into balance by honoring responsibility
  • how to heal All Things, through releasing emotional charges
  • how to heal nameless feelings

This class is intended for self-work, not for working with others.

The purpose of this class is to present a concise, uniquely personal method of working with life force that can be used immediately.

No prior trance experience is necessary, only the ability to be free in your imagination.

This class is part of the Mindful Etheric Being Series, a collection of techniques geared toward helping the modern seeker maintain mindfulness on the go.

Contact Kelley at kelley at soulintentarts dot com for more info and to register.

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