Introduction to Dreamwork: The Dreaming Tree

Are you a prolific dreamer? Have you ever wanted to learn how to interpret your nightly dreams for daily change? This class teaches approaches to working with your dreams that allow you to interact with the dream and manifest healing through engaging the unconscious mind.

I’ve always been a lucid dreamer. Much of my affinity in ecstatic journey I attribute to my ability to engage my dreams. Almost two decades ago I wrote a series of spirit poems after soul aspects of loved ones greeted me in journey. In words I drew their vivid life force, though one particular image of a girl sleeping high in the branches of a tree kept greeting me. Nothing revelaed who she was. Years later, as my shamanic role unfolded, I saw her again, and realized it was myself, able to rest safely in The Dreaming Tree. From that point on, I focused on connecting my dreaming worlds with those in journey, to learn how my unconscious guides and heals me.

You can’t heal what you can’t feel.  A little more intense than the other classes in the Mindful Etheric Wellbeing Series, The Dreaming Tree focuses on:

  • Resolving recurring dreams to connect the conscious and unconscious
  • Connecting the conscious and unconscious to foster manifestation
  • Mapping the connection between microthoughts and dreams
  • Walking back to dreams
  • Identifying dream symbols as messages from the unconscious

This class is intended for self-work, not for working with others.

The purpose of this class is to present a concise, uniquely personal method of working with life force that can be used immediately.

No prior trance experience is necessary, only the ability to be free in your imagination. As well, you must be able to recall your dreams.  The techniques in this class will not work if you can’t recall dreams.

This class is part of the Mindful Etheric Being Series, a collection of techniques geared toward helping the modern seeker maintain mindfulness on the go.

Contact Kelley at kelley at soulintentarts dot com for more info. Register through Full Slate.

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