Private Sessions

Actionable Animism & Soul Tending

Our work together

enables you to access your innate healing capability and prepares you to show up to the needs of your community with confidence, skills, and allies.

My services and classes cover personal mentorship, as well as soul tending, and skills teaching. These sessions are accomplished through soul retrieval, ancestral healing, deathwalking, Reconnective Healing™, energy hygiene, mindfulness, and runework.


  • Soul Tending, which may include soul retrieval and integration, shadow tending, depossession, ancestral tending, deathwork/psychopomp
  •  Energy hygiene tending (chakra, etheric field)
  • Spiritual Mentoring/Counsel
  • Home/Land Blessing/Clearing
  • Oracle Reading (Runes, Cartouche, Chaos, Wise Woman)
  • Usui and Ascension Reiki Sessions/Classes
  • Ceremonial Artistry–Baby Blessing, Commitment Blessing, Relationship Closure Blessing, Death Rites


The Spirited Path

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