Shamanic Mentoring

Talking Stick, Tribe of the Modern Mystic, Soul Intent Arts

Soul Intent Arts offers a comprehensive and empowering Shamanic Mentorship Program, based on The Spirited Path Modern Shamanism Intensive. When done as a private mentorship, the work is custom fitted to your needs, modality, and goals.

Shamanic Mentorship is for those specifically seeking to cultivate themselves in the role of shaman, devoted to servitude of a community. All aspects of The Spirited Path pertain to this avenue of study, only it is done one-on-one and self-paced. Done through the Intensive, the gruop begins in January. When done as a mentorship, you may begin any time you choose. Because it is self-paced, the time to complete the coursework varies. A regular interval for mentoring sessions will be set, in addition to class and experiential work. All engaged in this mentorship are required to participate in Sharing Sessions, which are Initiate peer witnessing sessions that meet once a month via webconference. If you are local, in-person coursework and mentoring sessions can be arranged.

Shamanic Mentoring is at my discretion. Contact me to learn more. Schedule a session.

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