I'm Kelley Harrell

and I KNOW we can do better

We all share…

the calling to be fit, embodied elders, who upon death become wise, capable Ancestors. To fulfill that calling, we must respond at a soul level. Through actionable animism and the Elder Futhark runes, I teach others to engage their well Ancestors and unique spiritual paths, in support of their quiet dead, fellow humans, and peaceful coexistence with the spirits of the land where they live.

I’m an author, certified death doula, lifelong deathwalker and animist, and the founder of Soul Intent Arts in North Carolina. For 25 years I have taught others to ethically build thriving spiritual paths. I help folx who are disabled, chronically ill, or neurodivergent to find meaningful spiritual practices rooted in their cosmologies. My ancestral path focuses on Northern European and Irish soul tending. My work is Nature-based, and centers soul tending through the Elder Futhark runes, animism, ancestral tending, and deathwork.

My books are Runic Book of DaysTeen Spirit Guide to Modern Shamanism Real Wyrd, Life Betwixt, and Gift of the Dreamtime, and I host the podcast, What in the Wyrd. I also write The Weekly Rune as a celebration of the Elder Futhark in season.

Certified UVM Death Doula

Elder Well

So that you bear your unique gift to the world.

Die Well

So that you leave the planet better than you found it.

Ancestor Well

So that your descendants never elder alone.

We don't heal in isolation,

but in community

~S. Kelley Harrell