for Change

A lightly experiential self-paced class rooting animistic awareness in the everyday

This seven-lesson experiential course explores concepts of animism and working with ecosystem as family. This class explores why animism fell out of favor, what replaced it, and why returning to it is an imperative act of sacred activism. Through this course you will re-establish sacred contact with Nature, explore your relationship in Nature, explore the boundaries and limitations of your concept of animism, learn components of social activism through animism, and how to apply animistic awareness in everyday life.

This class is most appropriately completed after Introduction to Introduction to Soul Tending, Ritual, Ceremony, and Cosmology, and Working with Nature Spirits. This suggestion is based on having gained a foundation in cosmology and acquired spirit allies in the former classes, as well as an understanding of soul tending, and how it pertains to Self. Objective for this class include:

  • Learn the historic and modern views on animism
  • Understand the significance of animism to soul tending
  • Cultivate an awareness of spirits of place
  • Cultivate self-awareness in place
  • Cultivate place-awareness in Self
  • Implement rituals for direct relationship