I am writing you for someone else. This comes from Ziona, a 70-year-old Gemini Israeli woman. Her question concerns three recurring dreams: The first one was a constant during her 20’s, 30’s and 40’s: She dreamt of waking up late, rushing out of her apartment, dashing down a bustling big city street, then suddenly realizing that she forgot to put her clothes on. At that point, she does her best to hide behind poles, trash cans and other objects, but was always exposed. The dream ends there, with her feeling desperate and exposed. Her second dream has been a constant most of her life and still occurs. She dreams she is flying from tall buildings, across vast canyons, and off of mountains. She feels free and strong and proud. Often times, the dream ends there — but every now and then, her flight goes terribly wrong and she crashes into the ground. Her body convulses and she wakes up with her heart pounding. What do these mean? Ziona

Recurring dreams are powerful, aren’t they?! They certainly are attention-getters, which is exactly what these dreams are demanding of you. My sense of your initial recurring dream is that there is something in life you want badly and hold yourself back from. Reading your second recurring dream indicates that to me even more strongly, more personally. There is no doubt to me in your sense of self and Universes that you are a powerful woman, yet there is an aspect of your path that you have consciously neglected to take. You have an ability that you are fully aware of, but have chosen not to cultivate. Your ability to glide into life and appreciate its beauty is remarkable; however, your ability to willfully direct your flight and create beauty with your abilities is even stronger. You were not made to simply glide and observe. You were made to interact. What is the path of flight you really want to take? Everything you need is already in place to soar on your path, except for your choice to do so. When you commit to and take that path, there will be no need to crash, and you will have broken the need for the recurrance of these dreams. After that point, your dream landscape will open and point you in greater direction to grow. Be well, Ziona!