Kelley, I was sure I would settle down in South America, and now it feels like a new chapter suddenly began, and the old one is fading away really fast… 

I’ve had to take a new job in Berlin. I was free on Brazilian tropical beaches and studying shamanism, now I am shopping for suits! Something is definitely happening, but I am struggling with objective insights. I’d like to know what it is that I am learning now. Anna

Thanks for your note, Anna, and for being a longtime reader. When I pose your intention to my guides, I’m shown that there is an immediate need for your presence in Berlin. Specifically, the Nature Spirits of your location need a conduit, and for this time, it’s you. It isn’t that you won’t get back to South America, though it will be well down the line before you do.

When I ask about this connection in Berlin, a feminine being comes, who very much comprises a wintry elemental aspect of the space you’re in, now. I’m also shown sand drawings indicating your path to this point, and where you currently stand. Leading to the present, I see drawings that are detailed and intentional, yet are dislocated from each other. They don’t connect to form an overall unifying expression of effort or  focus. Because they are detailed, though, I know you have given much thought to your life choices, and have given each time to manifest and work in your life.

Immediately around your feet, which indicates the present moment, the drawings become tighter, as detailed, and they do interweave to create a mural telling a bigger story. My sense of this shift in the drawings and the presence of the feminine Nature Spirit is that she is working with you to bring cohesion to your life experiences, and what they mean in serving your life purpose. This meaning comes from working with her.

It seems the emphasis for you right now isn’t in studying shamanism, but in embodying it through the Nature Spirits around you. This winter goddess has made herself available to you for this effort, though it isn’t one-sided. She needs some care that you bring to this region, and working together, it can be given.

I wish you the best in your changes, Anna. It is settling in, and will continue to, even more so. Call this goddess in to discuss how you can benefit each other, and how your relationship can move forward in a way that supports you both.

Best to you!

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