Working with Nature Spirits (SIA)

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This non-experiential Course is valuable without the emphasis of shamanic training, as its purpose is to give basic insight into totemism and working with spirit beings for balance and reciprocity.

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This lightly experiential 8-week class offers basic insight into working with Nature Spirits for direct relationship. In it we discuss the difference between traditional totemism and how modern animists work with Nature allies, and distinguish between the different types of Nature allies. These distinctions inform how we can build relationships with Nature Spirits and be good fellow residents of our immediate animistic community. This course is taught in the context of ecstatic soul travel, though is valuable without the emphasis of shamanic training.

Working with Nature Spirits facilitates ecstatic trance work and gives grounding into immediate animistic relationships. For that reason, this class is best taken before delving into deeply experiential classes, such as Introduction to Animism.

This course also includes light mentoring by Kelley.