Reclaiming the Runes


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Putting the elder back in ‘futhark’

This Intensive offers the tools to learn the runes as a sonic force, an alphabet, and as a system of storytelling, timekeeping, and divination. Often the runes are erroneously compared to the tarot. Next to the lush art and vivid imagery of today’s decks, the runes come up short. Modern concepts on the staves have distilled them to one-word meanings, omitting their rich cultural backdrop and archetypal narrative. Reclaiming the Runes teaches their story in as full a context as possible, and instructs on how to work with them as a personal tool for growth, and a facilitator of gaining insight for others.

This Intensive covers the history of the runes, a survey of Old Norse history and cosmology, how these pertain to the runes, working with the three aettir in-depth, the runic calendar, as well as how our modern observation of the Sabbats correlates to the calendar.  It gives suggestions for spreads and how to interpret them in a way that is personal and meaningful, and closes with frank discussion on intentional wyrdweaving to bring the runes into relationships with loved ones and community.

A one-year commitment, this Intensive is self-paced and lightly mentored by email and other chat outlets. You may go at your own pace and complete the Intensive in less than a year, though access to the coursework terminates one year from the start date. Get the full details, and feel free to email questions about this Intensive.