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Elder Futhark

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How Can a Rune Even Be Blank?

by Kelley Harrell | Trailer

How Can a Rune Even Be Blank? (Podcast Trailer Transcript)

Is it /keh-noz/ or is it /kau-nah/? Do I have to read the eddas? How can a rune even be blank? What does animism have to do with the runes? What does any of this have to do with being a better person? All that and more as I live seasonally with the Elder Futhark on What in the Wyrd.

Episode 101 Transcript

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Welcome to 2021. The speed bump getting here was a biggie, and that’s largely what we’re going to talk about in this episode–the transition through Eihwaz into What Comes Next.

Eihwaz is traditionally the rune of becoming. It’s smack in the middle of the Elder Futhark–the 13th rune – so it represents a turning point of sorts, a meeting of extremes at middle ground. For a lot of people that middle ground is literally and figuratively Midgard. With this Yew tree overtone of World Tree earthy roots that support  from beneath and branches that rise into our transpersonal, Eihwaz brings us a symbolic awareness of ourselves in this life, in form, as a catalyst of All Things. We are embodied, souls in flesh, and that synergy point gets shit done. Midgard is the spark of agency. It is the fusion of the best of all of our qualities to leave the planet better than we found it.

Except for when it isn’t, right? So many reasons why that perfect delivery into form doesn’t go so great, and most of them are things we can’t help. Y’all know that saga–big systems, family systems, ancestral trauma, personal trauma. You know. You and I have been having this conversation for a long time, and if i haven’t said it lately–thank you for participating in it and moving it forward in your own lives and work. I know that you do.

So I’m not going to outline all of the speed bumps–I did that all last year. We’ve all been living our versions of them. So let’s keep showing up for each other in scaling them, yes? What I’m going to focus on instead is where we are in the great human trajectory of Life Past All That Stellar Stuff That Happened Around Winter Solstice, in the context of this half-month rune–Eihwaz. That sounds big. It is big. Lofty, even, but here we go.

The Solstice, itself, was with Jera–a massive housecleaning, and the aftermath of that is Eihwaz. The house may be clean, but when it’s done with a flamethrower now you can’t find the TV remote. Right? Basic life looks super different after this kind of . Remember, Eihwaz–the middle. The meeting place of life and death.

I don’t know about yall but over this Solstice my playing field was leveled, AGAIN. I’m not even going to play that what that means for me is the same as it is for other folx. Nobody in my family died. No one is sick. And I say that to keep where I’m going with this in the proper context, which is my sense of being leveled was psychological. It’s very internal and it’s about my inner cosmology–which–HA HA HA–is SO is Eihwaz. The ultimate mid-point of soul and flesh is embodiment. It’s a life lived aware. Fully, Completely present to the junction of soul in form.  And even that way of being in this culture isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

I’ve blogged for years about visions that I’ve had, and somewhere in there I’ve also blogged about prophetic moments that I’ve had. And the thing that is missed or downplayed about those kinds of split in half divinity is they take a deep toll on your life. They are not the dazzling enlightenment that 90s gurus sold all of us.   Visions and prophecies fragment your mind, they rupture your emotional state, they gut your relationships, they ravage your body. Even when the info that can’t be known is flooding in, you doubt your very existence.

Well, my guides call that gutting experience of rapture ‘the cradling.’ Yes, that’s what I said. The Cradling. When they first spoke that word to me it came with a felt sense of wrapped nurture, literally being wonderfully, perfectly swaddled and secure, the contrast of which compared to the hell that I actually feel when those moments are playing out was seriously bitter irony. In those deepest revelatory states I do not feel held. I know I am, but I don’t feel it. So when my guides described it as the cradling, I just had to nod and leave it at that. Actually, I was an asshole to them but that’s not ontopic. And yall pretty much already knew that was what really happened, anyway.

This time when it came over Winter Solstice, I understood why they call it the cradling, and it’s not some Hallmark Greeting Cards bookmark to remind me that when the shit hits the fan was when I was most held. The cradling doesn’t feel like shit because I suck or you suck or we’re not doing enlightenment right, or because our guides have abandoned us. It’s not that at all. The cradling sucks because our human structures that are supposed to be in place to cradle us during these pivotal earth moments have long been vanquished in this realm. There’s no neighbor coming by to lay a quartz grid and leave a warm bowl of soup. There’s no boss saying, “Don’t worry about it. Take all the time you need, and when you process it, share what you’ve learned with the team.” I mean that shit is the faerietale.

Folx who live intentional lives betwixt are not recognized by their social support, our medical communities, our psychological mentors, and even in many cases our spiritual leaders–by our CHOSEN spiritual leaders. Further, most folx still don’t even share with those communities that they even HAVE these kinds of experiences. In those moments of being split down the middle by insights beyond what seems holdable, we are not supposed to have to worry about who’s gonna pick up the kids. We’re supposed to be cradled by our communities so that we can embody our transpersonal selves in those pivotal moments and any time we endeavor to do so. I hear myself saying those words haha and i don’t think they give credence to what that really means–because we have no conceptual understanding of how that would feel. The full-on flame of life force that you are isn’t allowed to be expressed here. So when it is, you are altered. you are mentally ill. you are defying logic and science, and You are not a team player. How well can you hear me say that your most awe-impassioned moments of vision and prophecy wreak the havoc  that they do not because there’s something wrong or missing with you, but because life around you can’t support you in having them. It can’t cradle you, or me, or any of us, to be that embodied and empowered.

I’m not saying that depression or psychosis aren’t things that can need multi strata of intervention, they are. And I’m also not saying they are some awesome divine gift and we should just leave them alone. Those extremes are still missing the cradling. But I am absolutely saying that they are canaries for divine experiences we are forbidden to have here. The experiences that we see as depression and psychosis and divine intervention, they are the canaries divine experiences we are forbidden to have here.  And the forbidding is what makes them gut us. A visceral way that we were all intended to experience being human has been taken from us, and so when we experience it, it feels violent.  It’s so outside our frame of the system that when we have those experiences here, life here further opens us up to harm.

But what does all of that have to do with right here, right now? The message of Eihwaz in THIS season of post-Solstice is Life betwixt is hard, and right now every human is betwixt and adrift. Every human-person on the planet is now a trauma survivor (we really were before–but yall already know that whole narrative too) My point is we are now living it out and loud every day.  And the effects of that truth are that all life force–human and non-human–is experiencing that distress signal. It is a level of PTSD/cPTSD that is absolutely unprecedented on the planet before, and we have to start moving through every day understanding that about ourselves, our neighbors, our boss, our water. We are walking trauma right now, and how we move through the world matters now more than ever in our lives.

Maybe not everyone is having a revelatory prophetic moment right this minute, or even over that eclipse. But you know what–it’s okay if you do. Saying that doesn’t make it easier or better, doesn’t make system suddenly bring you soup. But you are not alone. And You are not the problem.

That is what happened over my Solstice.

Oh Wait –So you still want to know what the visionary moment was? okay, on a personal level, it was about shadow parts being the guardians of non-neurotypical wiring and coming into relationship with them in a different way. And The Collective expression of that wasn’t terribly different from that. for the last few months. I guess over the last six to eight months. I’ve talked a lot  about how the rules are changing. The strategies we’ve assumed for how we engage wyrd and orlog to move through this plane are changing, and we haven’t gotten the new playbook yet. Part of our upheaval is trying to navigate with the old ways even though they don’t work anymore, dealing with the bouncers of the old way wh don’t want to let us move on, trying to feel our way through with no grasp on how to move at all, not knowing how long this state of flux will last, and wondering how to plot our course and ground and embody despite all of that. The absolute upheaval through that eclipse AND the convergence AND Solstice AND COVID, AND revolution cleared a path–by which I mean with a bulldozer and NO FINESSE cleared out shit that we would otherwise not do ourselves–or don’t know to do –and now, right this very minute now………. we get a breath. A tiny, short breath, with a glimpse of new grounding. It’s not the full reboot. We’re still in the midst, there are files missing. the update’s gonna screw up things that we think worked fine before…  there’s more to come, but right now we have a breather.

And we gained info. Whatever happened over that eclipse for you, for us as a culture–it’s the freaking gospel of what needs to change or be let go or whatever. But see it for what it was and do what you can to implement it as a new way of being. We need it so that we have better shock absorption for the next speed bumps, for ourselves and our communities.

Throughout this season of the podcast, I have included the half-month  affirmations at the close of each episode. For this one, though, it’s the challenge of Eihwaz from Runic Book of Days that rings deepest for me right now:
And that is to greet the True Self and stand in it, ongoing.

That means no matter what, you be you, all of you, as much as you can be.

Thanks for listening. If you have questions or insights about working with the runes in season, or you just want somebody to bounce your ideas off, feel free to email me at Kelley that’s k e l l e y at soulintentarts.com or you can call into the Anchor app, which you can download for Android or iPhone.

Also check out earlier episodes by downloading them from Google Play or iTunes–and various other podcast platforms. And you can learn more about me, “Runic Book of Days,” and my work by visiting soulntintentarts,.com or on Instagram @kelleysoularts. I’m Kelley and this has been What in the Wyrd.

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