Dear Kelley, I have been married for almost nine years and I have two small children. Right after we celebrated our four year old’s birthday, we stopped speaking to each other and it’s been almost two weeks. It all started after we took a mini vacation so that our four year old could go on a train ride. Needless to say, our 16 month old was teething and we did not get any sleep while on vacation. Normally, this would just blow over, but my husband was angry enough with me to just stop all communication. It’s strange because life seems to go on pretty well without much input from him. I do miss help with the children, but I am worried that this is the beginning of the end. I’m not even sure what I should wish for. Sincerely, Laurie

Hi Laurie! Thanks for your note! First off, I would like to clarify that when I do a soul reading for someone, it is the guides of the client that I work with primarily, not mine. My guides are there to protect and ground me, but information about you is coming from your guides. They show me whatever it is that they want you to know about the situation at hand, or life in general.

When I ask your guides for insight into that trip and the interaction that brought about the silent treatment, I see one of your guides, a female, creating a fanning motion in the atmosphere around her–almost like she is massaging the environment around you. This is her way of showing me that she is intentionally stirring up the energy in your life–in relationships, internally and externally. She is trying to wake you to something, or deal with a dynamic between you and your husband, or in some way related to intimate bonding, that existed well before the vacation incident.

When I ask her what that incident is/was, I see her holding an infant, a female. This baby is a spirit “child”, who was born and died. However this manifests in your life, what I am seeing is that a silence that occurred during some loss of a close female child in your and/or your husband’s life is what is influencing your relationship with him now. In other words, the sense of loss felt in that experience by you and/or your husband was triggered in the exchange while you were on vacation. The specific trigger in that exchange was your husband feeling that he was not being heard, or was unable to express his emotions about the situation. Was he at some point unable to grieve with external support the passing of a female child in his life? That original wound is the one really being felt right now, not a current exchange. I also have a very strong sense of both of you dealing with deep emotional states, such as grief, in isolation of each other, not in a collectively supportive way. The silence of each of you seems to influence the wound to grow.

When I ask the guide and the child what needs to occur here, I am led to take the child to Spirit. It seems that her not fully moving over created part of the inability of you and/or your husband to release this emotional “silence” dynamic. The guide indicates that there is still work to be done between you and your husband, and how that progresses is up to each of you individually, and collectively. You have both in your way been stunted by this wound, and it’s created distance between you. However, this is the point that you can create of that wound a deeper connection between the two of you, and more functional emotional outlets individually. Be well, Laurie!