Have a writing project that just isn’t moving? Want to approach it from a completely fresh, inspiring perspective? Join me for the online class I’m teaching, Writer’s Block and the Shamanic Narrative, at the Pagan Writer’s Community. If you have an open mind and an overly active imagination, this class can help you get moving again. Details:

writingWriter’s Block and the Shamanic Narrative
Purpose:   To examine writer’s block from an animistic, spiritual perspective, and through the use of art and the shamanic narrative in the Middle World journey, learn how to reconnect with the spirit of writing, and the potential of the blank page.

Cost: $60

Duration: Four Weeks

Starting Date: May 7, 2012

Prerequisites:  Experience with meditation. Experience with shamanic journeying is a plus, though not required. A work in progress. Ability to scan documents.

Requirements:  Open mind. A stalled project or muse. Willingness to draw. Lucid in imaginative meandering.

Feel free to buzz me with questions at kelley at soulintentarts dot com.