Every year I honor The Dead Time by posting some of my creepier accounts mucking about in the Middle World.
Real Wyrd - A Modern Shaman's Roots in the Middle World by S. Kelley HarrellIn 2012, I compiled them, along with a few new stories, in  Real Wyrd: A Modern Shaman’s Roots in the Middle World
Without question, the posts that get the most traffic on Intentional Insights are the ones in my Dead Time series. I’ve written it since the inception of this blog in 2004, and it has many fans. I’ve noticed, though, that despite its reception, I still get asked to shared new scary stuff on my blog every Samhain.
Well, I’m not writing new creepy content this year, for several reasons. The main reason I’ve chosen not to cultivate further my experiences with the paranormal is because they seem to have been largely misunderstood. I get requests all the time to accompany folks on their ghost-hunting sojourns, and for the most part, I turn them down. I’ve had brushes with the dead and unhappy discarnate since my childhood, and I’m really not interested in intentionally pursuing it for fun. Mainly because it’s not fun. It’s not a thrill-seeking reality TV spot for me. As an empath, I feel the experiences of those energies, and I have all I can manage feeling through my own life.
Likewise, working with the unquiet dead and immortal isn’t a tourist attraction. I had high hopes of shows like Medium and The Ghost Whisperer elevating the awareness of true paranormal work. Maybe it has, though it’s also recreated it as a primetime side show available to anyone with a Ouija board and a voice recorder. Don’t go there. Just don’t, and don’t invite me too, either.
The paranormal jaunts I do take are work. I work with the dead as a service. As a deathwalker, a psychopomp, I have made a commitment to release life forces that seek such, and to help them move on to their next destinies. For me, it’s not respectful to treat those experiences like middle school pranks, so I share stories that shed a very different light on what goes bump in the night. Yes, they’re scary stories. They’re also encounters of universal suffering and deep healing.
If you’re interested in learning more about how to help the dead, or learning to walk between worlds with authority and skill, I’d love to talk about those. Otherwise, I’m keeping my thrill-seeking to my healing practice, and staying between the lines of my own wild life.
That said, last year on Candid Slice my friend and I shared a hair-raising experience had at The Old North Inn, in Wilmington, NC. In the spirit of maintaining paranormal integrity, let’s just say I have no desire to go back. This story is the first of several I’ll be sharing on Tuesdays and Thursdays, through Samhain’s astrological observation, 7 November.