“Tyr and Fenrir”

by John Bauer (1911)

Today we move into the half-month rune of Tiwaz, in which we are asked to reconcile some heartsong that cannot be as we’ve dreamed. It is the survivor rune with the narrative of grieved loss bringing embodied power.

As Tyr loved and tended the devoted Fenrir from pup to the Establishment’s perceived bringer of Ragnarok, so each was the only being the other trusted. Fenrir was determined to stay wild; Tyr  was determined to do what was best for the preservation of Life. In their bond necessary wildness was preserved, and an out-of-date god got to choose his route to elderhood.

Tyr lost his hand to stay the wolf’s power and abdicate his status to shiny new successor, Odin.

Likewise, we have to know when it’s over.

We cannot move forward in our calling until we have grieved it and let it be.


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S. Kelley Harrell, M. Div.

Kelley is an author, animist, and deathwalker in North Carolina. She teaches rune work, ancestral healing, and deathwalking, as well as mentors and leads the soul tending training intensive, The Spirited Path. As an interfaith minister, she has served her local community and an international client base since 2000 through Soul Intent Arts, and advocates embodied soul tending and sacred activism through Nature. #beyourcommunity

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