Question:  Kelley, I am writing this note to you for B (my brother), who was in a car accident a few years ago, and is classified as an incomplete quad, which is great because ‘incomplete’ means the Dr.’s don’t have a clue as to whether he will walk again…. But there is a definite chance.  What do you see? ~J

Thanks for your note!  My immediate feeling moving into the Dreamtime is that B can walk again, but the limitations on that ability are not about his physical condition at all; rather, they are completely emotional.  I have the sense of a huge backlogue of feelings that were never permitted to be interpreted into emotions, that is, feelings that have never been expressed.  They are presenting themselves in great part as a “weight” on the physical form, keeping it from moving about freely.  I literally have the feeing that he has had to be made still to deal with some aspects of his past.  I feel a tremendous sadness moving into my Lower World, which was there well before the car crash.  I am led by a soul aspect of B to a skeleton lying on the ground.  The skeleton has been severed in two, such that the spine is cut separating the lower two chakras from the rest of the system.  I notice also that the two severed points of the spine are capped with blue sapphires, which is an indicator of B’s connections to a multi-dimensional heritage and life purpose.  In other words, he is an earthly manifestation of a group of ethereal allies who are spiritual anchors for work he does here.  I also feel that the sapphires are very active but not at their highest potential.  When I touch the sapphires, the upper portion of the skeleton raises up and greets me.  He refers to the sapphires, saying, “I see you found my antenna…  I guess I wasn’t really using it anyway, so it may as well be unusable now…”  His response is very flippant, but I also feel a lot of disappointment in himself for so many events that occurred before the car crash that it’s overwhelming for me to feel it all.  He is carrying tremendous guilt, more than any one person should ever shoulder, and more than is possible for anyone to carry and be well.  I pick the skeleton up and with the soul aspect of B who is leading me, I take the skeleton (both parts) up for healing.

The skeletal manifestation of B gains healthy flesh.  I see him engaged with several soulbody workers in what looks like cosmic physical therapy on his new form, and the life force in his body moves well.  He looks over his shoulder at myself and the soul aspect and nods, grinning.  I move back down into my Lower World, holding space for who can give B the best insight in how to move forward in his life right now to come.  After a few seconds, I see about 40 souls come, each of them looking exactly like B.  I know this is his soulgroup coming to show support for him and to reconnect with him.  I have a strong impression of otherworldly or intuitive experiences that B has had throughout his life that he either did not pay attention to, or did not process as such, which stunted the development of his abilities and manifesting his life purpose.  I also feel that the unexpressed emotion I felt at the beginning of this journey is related to not honoring his intuitive abilities.  It seems that B chose to manifest on Earth the first time many lives ago, and was very excited about doing so.  He was in touch with his soulgroup and they were communicating, bringing things into being…  then the weight of 3D living began to wear down his exuberance.  Manifesting his soul’s intent began to be expressed through lives as a monk or priest, the socially accepted spiritual leaders of the day, whose lives were rote and incredibly unstimulating.  This planetary shift of souls into heavier density left B feeling that living his truth could only be done by carrying great burdens and through intense sacrifice. His excitement to grow here abated.  In short, over lives B encoded into himself the pattern that living his truth could not be fun.  The early years of this life were the result of a conscientious rebellion against that hard-nosed philosophy that resulted in having so much fun on the material plane, his connection to his soulgroup, thus life purpose, was abandoned.

Except that it wasn’t.  There really is no such thing as straying off one’s path.  The euphemism of ‘straying’ is only a mechanism to draw one’s awareness more clearly back to the fact that we create our paths with every step.  There is no more sacrifice.  It’s time for B to remember that he has always had the support of his soulgroup and the Multiverse!  In honoring that support he credits himself as a vital part of the whole process.  This process is about movement of the soul, which is the foundation for releasing stored up feelings.  For B to find the kind of energy workers who can help in that releasing process will be his first step in this life back to himself.  And I do mean step.

Be well!