iPagan is released, and Teen Spirit Guide to Modern Shamanism is re-released!

Teen Spirit Guide to Modern Shamanism by S. Kelley HarrellWhen I announced that Runic Book of Days had gone under contract, I mentioned that Teen Spirit would also be getting a new imprint. Moon Books has finally re-released it, and it’s now available!

Originally published under the Soul Rocks imprint, it just wasn’t well-placed for its content. I’m told that through Moon Books it will have better visibility and feel more comfortable among its peers. I’m told the changes include an actual table of contents (who knew that wasn’t standard??), and a general bump in placement for the imprint.

If you didn’t catch it before, check out it’s new life force. And many thanks to those of you who have reviewed it on Amazon and other outlets. Reviews drive a book’s placement and visibility, so it all helps the book’s lifespan. Most of all, it helps you and I to connect, which is always fabulous. Thanks, always, for your support and work.

Speaking of, 40 Moon Books authors contributed to an anthology called iPagan, which includes chapters from leading shamanic, druidic, and earth-honoring voices. Following is an excerpt from my essay, “Life Beyond Ecstasy.” It’s available for 99¢ on Amazon.

iPagan, edited by Trevor Greenfield, featuring the essay "Life Beyond Ecstasy," by S. Kelley Harrell“Foremost among those [unraveled truths] was the idea that shamanism is a healing modality. It isn’t. It isn’t a tool to be pulled out on occasion. It isn’t a technique to be applied in a time of need. Shamanism is engaging one’s spirit allies throughout the everyday in such a way that healing can’t help but occur. In that light, healing is a byproduct. It’s a default of embodying in the mundane the relationships created in the ecstatic. Shamanism is a way of being all the time, not just when in despair or while soul traveling. In that truth, ‘shaman’ isn’t what someone does. It’s what someone is– a spiritually appointed and chosen role.”

I hope you’ll check them out and let me know what you think!